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hero.wav 148k Crichton: I can't be your kind of hero.
Crichton Sr.: No, you can't be. But each man gets a chance to be his own kind of hero. Your time will come and when it does, watch out. Chances are, it'll be the last thing you ever expected.

canaveral.wav 36k Crichton: Uh.... Canaveral?

synapses.wav 92k Pilot: Those synapses you are tearing out are not wired to the control collar!
D'Argo: Then I shall keep pulling until I find the ones that are.

someplace.wav 72k Zhaan: Pilot, does Moya know where we are?
Pilot: Yes, of course, we're... someplace else. I'll... get back to you on the specifics.

people.wav 40k Crichton: What is the matter with you... people?!

anarchist.wav 72k Zhaan: Because on my home world, even among my kind, I was... something of an anarchist.

rygel.wav 68k Rygel: I am Rygel the XVI, dominar to over 600 billion people. I don't need to talk to you.

spielberg.wav 72k Crichton: Boy, was Spielberg ever wrong. Close Encounters, my ass.

yellowbolts.wav 60k Crichton: Don't move! Or I'll fill you full of... little yellow bolts of light.

bemore.wav 144k Aeryn: No. I will not come with you.
Crichton: You're been irreversibly contaminated, remember?
D'Argo: It means death.
Aeryn: It is my duty, my breeding, since birth! It's what I am!
Crichton: You can be more.

charmer.wav 20k Rygel: What a charmer.

freedom.wav 112k D'Argo: I don't know who you are, where you're from, or what you want. But if you threaten my freedom, I'll kill you.

listentome.wav 120k Aeryn: Listen to me. If you want to live, choose your allegiances carefully. That's not to say that there's any guarantees there.

dontknow.wav 84k Crichton: I don't know where I am. Technically, I don't know how I got here. But I'm not going to stop trying to get home.

lifeouthere.wav 148k Crichton: And there's life out here, Dad. Weird, amazing... psychotic life. And, uh... in Technicolor.