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The Heros

Buffy Summers -- Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy Summers knew being the Slayer, the one Chosen to fight the vampires, wasn't going to be easy. She did her job with only a little whining, defying tradition, prophecy, school rules and several natural laws along the way. College brought its own set of challenges, all of which paled next to a god out for blood, a sister who isn't what she seems, and the death of her mother. She finally gave her own life to protect both her sister and the world.... but Slayers don't die as easily as that. Brought back to life by her friends, and dragged out of Heaven in the process, she's relearning how to live, and how to save the world.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was born in New York, New York on April 14, 1977. Sarah is an only child and considers herself a workaholic. She started to gain a small, but loyal, fanbase when she played the lead role of Sydney Rutledge in the teen soap opera, "Swans Crossing," then won an Daytime Emmy for her role as Kendell Hart on "All My Children". In theatre, she appeared with Matthew Broderick and Eric Stoltz in "The Widow Claire" at the Circle in the Square; her pre-Buffy TV appearances include "Spenser: For Hire", "Love, Sidney", "The David Letterman Show" and "The Regis Philbin Show", plus more than over 100 commercials. Her most recent big screen apperances include Scooby-Doo, Cruel Intentions, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Vanilla Fog. The 5'3" actress also enjoys rollerblading, ice skating, water skiing, Tae Kwon Do and occasionally goes cliff diving. She recently married Scooby-Doo co-star Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Some bio information taken from the The Sarah Michelle Gellar Fan Page

Willow Rosenberg -- Alyson Hannigan

Shy computer nerd Willow Rosenberg's greatest challenges in life used to be hacking into protected systems, talking to boys without becoming incomprehensible, and trying to find a way to make her best friend Xander realize she wanted him. Then she met Buffy, and discovered the real meaning of challenges. A novice witch who turned into a kick-ass sorceress, Willow went over the edge when her girlfriend was killed, and almost managed to destroy the world. Tasting the dark side left its mark, but now she's trying to move forward again.

Born in April, 1974, Alyson Hannigan has been acting since the age of five in all different areas of show business. The Washington, D.C. native started acting in commercials for McDonalds and Oreo cookies. At 11, she moved to Los Angeles and soon landed a co-starring gig opposite Dan Aykroyd in the 1988 comedy My Step-Mother is an Alien. That exposure led to a role in the short-lived ABC sitcom "Free Spirit", which spawned appearances on "Picket Fences", "Roseanne" and "Touched By An Angel". Her big screen appearancse include the American Pie movies and Dead Man on Campus. Like her TV alter ego, Alyson enjoys surfing the Internet and even contributes to the official Buffy website. Hannigan is also an avid kick-boxer and a fan of Dr. Seuss books.

Alyson Hannigan Appreciation Society
Some bio information taken from the Alyson Hannigan Altar and the Canadian TV Guide.

Alexander 'Xander' Harris -- Nicholas Brendon

Xander Harris got a crush on the new girl at school the minute he saw her, but if he'd known the complications Buffy was going to bring into his life, he'd probably have run in the opposite direction. Or maybe not -- Xander's like that. He sticks by the Slayer, helping her loyally (and recklessly, and occasionally even stupidly) to fight everything the Hellmouth -- and life -- can throw at them. At this point he can handle the Slayer -- it's the other women in his life who are going to be the death of him. After all, not everyone can survive being engaged (and un-engaged) to a vengeance demon.

Born in Los Angeles on April 12, 1971 (with twin brother Kelly), Nicholas Brendon was a relative newcomer to show business (he started acting after an injury knocked him out of baseball) when he got the gig on Buffy. His first exposure was on a Clearasil commercial, followed by guest appearances on "Married... With Children" and "Dave's World." Nick also starred in a pilot called "Secret Lives." His film debut was as a very un-Xander-like bad guy in Children Of The Corn III; since then, he's been featured in Psycho Beach Party and the upcoming Demon Island. He's also been appeared on stage in his native Los Angeles in three theater productions: "The Further Adventures of Tom Sawyer," "My Own Private Hollywood," and "Out of Gas on Lover's Leap." After an acting dry spell, Nick decided to try his hand behind the camera, and spent some time working as a television production assistant before landing the role of Xander; he reprised that working as production manager during Demon Island.
Some bio information taken from The Babe Known as Xander

Anya Jenkins -- Emma Caulfield

Born a normal girl, then scorned by her lover, Anyanka was granted the power of the Wish to avenge other wronged women as a vengeance demon, a job she performed happily for 1,120 years. But one of Anya's curses got turned back on her, leaving her a powerless, teenaged girl again. For a while, before being left at the altar by Xander sent her back to her demony ways. But vengeance wasn't any fun anymore, so now she's back out of the fold, and learning to be herself for the first time in her life.

Born 8 April 1973, in San Diego, Emma's television debut in a guest-shot on "Burke's Law" got her her first gig -- that of Brandon's girlfriend on "Beverly Hills, 90210" after she caught the eye of Aaron Spelling. She went on to appear in "Weird Science", "Silk Stalkings", "Nash Bridges", "Renegade" and "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" (she enjoyed acting in front of the live studio audience because it reminded her most of stage performance) before landing the role of Anya. Still, she tries to keep a Zen attitude about the whole acting routine. "I still get crazy from time to time; I still obsess from time to time... There just comes a time when you have to let it go." She has a degree in Psychology to fall back on if she gets tired of acting.

Emma Caulfield Online
Some bio information taken from Cinescape Magazine.

Spike -- James Marsters

Brought across by Drusilla and raised with Angelus and Darla, Spike was the baddest vampire in town. Any town. Smart, witty, ambitious, useful in a fight -- he'd be the perfect man if it weren't for the murdering psychopath thing. His love affair with Drusilla lasted for a century, until she dumped him for demons; then the Initiative got their hands on him, and Spike isn't biting anything human anymore, even now that the chip's back out of his head. That's not his biggest problem, though; somewhere along the line, he fell in love with the Slayer, and his devotion knew no bounds -- of sanity, of safety, of good taste... Now let's see what he manages to do with a soul -- and whatever else is living inside his head.

James Marsters brings a prestigious theatre background to his role on 'Buffy'. He has trained at The Juilliard School, PCPA, and the American Conservatory Theatre. James has taken on Shakespeare's classics, "Troilus and Cressida," and "Twelfth Night" at Juilliard in New York. He also appeared in "Caucasian Chalk Circle," and Tennesee Williams' "Camino Real." In Chicago, Marsters worked at the Goodman Theatre in "Tempest," and "Red Noses." At Next Theatre, he performed in "The Normal Heart." James has also worked in Seattle in the American Conservatory Theatre's productions of "Handing Down the Names" and "Voices In the Dark." Before landing the role of Spike on 'Buffy,' Marsters guest starred on "Moloney," "Northern Exposure," ('It Happened in Juneau') and "Medicine Ball." He also had leading roles in "Common Ground" and "Smokeless Tobacco." He is also a singer/songwriter, and plays guiter.

The Official James Marsters Page

Dawn Summers -- Michelle Trachtenberg

The world knows her as Buffy's teenage sister, the one who tags along, gets into trouble, and breaks things by looking at them. But the truth is much scarier -- Dawn is really a mystical energy source known as The Key, sent to Buffy to be hidden from an ancient evil. Dawn is smart and capable, but she's also, to quote Spike, "a [15]-year-old hormone bomb", which is making her life -- and her sister's -- more than a little interesting, especially now that she's learning to kick a little ass. Just like her sister.

Born October 11, 1985, Michelle is best known for her starring role in "Harriet the Spy" opposite Rosie O'Donnell, for which she received the Young Artists Award of Hollywood as Best Leading Actress in a feature film. The native New Yorker began her acting career at age four, when she appeared in her first television commercial. Since then she has appeared in over 100 national spots and has gone on to work on various television series. Most recently she starred as Julie in the independent film Can't Be Heaven, and as Inspector Gadget's niece Penny in the 1999 film. Michelle's other film credits include Richie Rich's Christmas Wish and Melissa. Soap fans will remember Michelle from her role as the autistic Lily Montgomery on the ABC daytime drama "All My Children." She was also a series regular on the popular Nickelodeon series "The Adventures of Pete and Pete." Her other small-screen credits include "Guys Like Us," "Figure It Out," "Dave's World," "Law & Order," "Saturday Night Live," "Clarissa Explains It All, " and "Space Cases." Michelle involves herself with numerous charities. For the past two years she has been an active spokesperson for Kmart Kids Race Against Drugs, R.A.D.D., D.A.R.E. America, the Starlight Foundation, and many others. She was one youth representative at President Clinton's launch the Coalition for a Drug-Free America campaign. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys swimming, rollerblading, ice-skating, bicycling, and writing short stories.

Bio information taken from's Inspector Gadget page.

Rupert Giles -- Anthony Stewart Head

Rupert Giles was the Sunnydale High School librarian -- well, before Sunnydale High became nonexistant. Currently he runs a magic shop, a pretty appropriate job for Buffy's Watcher, the job he was literally born and raised to do. While he wasn't quite prepared for the reality of Watching over the Slayer and her friends, he learned fast, but not even Giles was prepared to fall in love... and lose his love at Angelus' hands. Then he was relieved of his responsibilities as Buffy's Watcher, not as her friend. After Buffy returned from the dead, he reluctantly left to force his surrogate daughter to learn to cope with life on her own, but he still turns up when things are at their worst.

Anthony Stewart Head was born Feb. 20 in Camden Town, North London and trained at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts. His first role following graduation was Jesus Christ in the national tour of "Godspell." His additional theater credits include "yonadab" at The Royal National Theatre in England, "Chess," "Lady Windermere's Fan," "The Heiress" and Frank N. Furter in "The Rocky Horror Show" in the West End revival. Most recently, he received critical acclaim for his performance as Rupert Cayell in "Rope." While he has worked on many British television productions, including "Manchild", he's also appeared on the American series "Highlander" (the episode titled 'Nowhere to Run') and in the feature film "Royce," with Jim Belushi. He is probably best known for his appearances in the 'Taster's Choice' commercials, and his role of Oliver on the short-lived sf series "VR.5". ASH and his companion, Sarah, live in England with their two daughters, Emily Rose and Daisy May.

Anthony Stewart Head Shrine
Bio information taken from The "Very Not Pathetic" Giles/Anthony Head Page

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