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Neutral Parties

Andrew Wells -- Tom Lenk

Andrew spent most of his life trying to get from under his older brother's shadow -- even to topping "demon dogs at the Prom" with "flying monkeys at the school play". But he still couldn't manage to make a name for hismelf, so her teamed up with the Trio to try another approach. But Andrew's a minion at heart, not really cut out for supervillainy -- he followed Warren right into Hell, then followed Jonathan back to Sunnydale. But the murder he committed at the First's behest haunts him, and now he's trying to do right. Sadly, he's still not entirely clear on the concept, but he's trying.

Born June 16, 1976, in Westlake Village, California, Tom (also credited as Thomas Lenk) attended Moorepark College until his junior year, then transferred into UCLA's theater program where, in 1997, he won the Carol Burnett Award and Scholarship. His theatre work includes a recent European tour of Grease (he played Doody), and he has written three plays. Tom appeared in on the big screen in Boogie Nights, and has made guest appearances on "Judging Amy", "Popular" and "Cousin Skeeter".

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Some bio information taken from Tom Lenk Online.

D'Hoffryn -- Andy Umberger

Anya's boss and the Demon in Charge of the vengeance crew, D'Hoffryn is always on the lookout for new talent (like Willow) and old talent (like Anya herself). He claims to love all of his demons equally, but seemed to have a soft spot for Anyanka, since he gave her back her powers and all. Then sacrificed her best friend to undo a Wish, before kicking Anya back out of the fold and sending killers after her. Such a nice guy.

Andy Umberger seems to be new to the acting scene, but has spent the last several years guest-starring on almost every television show you care to name, including "JAG", "First Monday", "The Guardian", "Crossing Jordan", "Dead Last", "Providence", "The West Wing", "The X-Files", "NYPD Blue", "Ally McBeal" and even "Angel". His big screen appearances include the upcoming Dragonfly, On Edge and an uncredited apperance in Bounce

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Amy Madison -- Elizabeth Anne Allen

Amy's introduction to witchcraft came when her mother used it to take over Amy's body and life. Buffy and Giles broke the spell, but Amy studied up on her own, and has found power in her own right. She turned herself into a rat in a moment of stupidity, and it took Willow three years to break the spell. Back among the humans, Amy's magic use lead both her and Willow down a dangerous path, and she seems determined to take it as far as she can go.

A former student of Roy London and Cameron Thor, Elizabeth Anne Allen has appeared in a recurring role on "Bull", and had guest appearances on "Silk Stalkings" and "Days of Our Lives", as well as in the films Timemaster , Silent Lies, and Illegal in Blue. She has been a regional theatre performer since childhood, is an amateur (and future professional) screenwriter, and is actively involved in charity work for children's causes. Her family currently resides in Ireland.

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Ethan Rayne -- Robin Sachs

Back in the bad old days, Giles fell in with the worst crowd that would have him; a crowd that, unfortunately, included Ethan Rayne. A practicing sorcerer, consummate prankster, devout coward, habitual smart-ass and all-around trouble-maker, Ethan delights in making his old 'friend's' life Hell every time he stops by Sunnydale -- almost literally, last time! Currently, Mr. Rayne is being held at a "secret facility in Nevada," courtesy of The Initiative -- unless he's managed to slither out and find some new chaos to cause....

Robin Sachs is another British actor who has become best known to the American television audience as a result of KCET's (public broadcasting in Los Angeles) generous introduction of BBC classic productions in which he has starred. Sachs, who is probably best recognized as the title star of the BBC series "Life Without George," has also starred in such BBC classics as "Upstairs, Downstairs," "Brideshead Revisited," and "Rumpole of Old Bailey," among many others. Most recently he appeared in Steven Spielberg's "The Lost World - Jurassic Park II." Sachs' American television appearances include "Baywatch Nights", "Jake and the Fatman", "Dynasty", "Walker, Texas Ranger", "Nash Bridges" and multiple appearances on "Babylon 5" playing alien characters.

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Willy the Snitch -- Saverio Guerra

Willy keeps his ear to the ground in Sunnydale -- not hard since he's usually slithering right along down there. Bartender, informer, and the go-between for the human and vampire communities, Willy supplies information to whoever bribes him well enough, or threatens him deeply enough. He's not a bad guy, really -- he just likes staying alive.

Born in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where there is no shortage of interesting characters, Guerra later moved to Manhattan where he began performing in many theatre productions. His transition into film and television soon brought him to Los Angeles where he now lives. His television appearances includes his current recurring role on "Becker" and guest shots on "Caroline in the City", "Temporarily Yours" and "Mad About You". His big screen roles include:

Some bio information taken from the Becker home page.

The Villains

The First

No one knows what the First will look like on any given day, since it can take the form of anyone who is now or has ever been dead (Buffy herself is its favorite face). But by its work, you shall know it -- the primordial source of all evil, the First has apparently decided that all of this battle between good and evil stuff is passe; its out to end the fight, and take the world out with a bang. First, it has to dispose of the Watchers (almost done) and of the Slayers (easier said than done). But with its claws in Spike and Andrew, and no idea how to fight something more powerful than evil itself, the Scoobies have a tough road ahead.

Harmony Kendall -- Mercedes McNab

Where Cordelia led, Harmony would follow, right to the top of the snob heap. Dissing her fellow students and acting as the final arbitor of good taste for Sunnydale High, Harmony led the in-crowd and made the Slayerette's lives as miserable as her tiny intellect would allow. But Blonde Girl bit it (got bitten, actually) in the final showdown against the Mayor, and now, she's on the vamp side of the street. Despite her on-again, off-again relationship with Spike, she's on her own and on the loose -- God help the universe and Los Angeles.

An only child born in 1981, Mercedes has been acting professionally since she was 10 years old. She is probably most widely recognized for her role as the girl scout in the film Addams Family and as Amanda in Addams Family Values. Her filmography also includes: White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf, Escape From Atlantis, The Fantastic Four and Savage Land, with guest appearances on "Touched by an Angel", "USA High", "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." , and "Harry and the Hendersons"

she's not a DUMB BLONDE
Some bio information taken from the Escape from Atlantis home page.

Faith -- Eliza Dushku

Ultra-hip, on-her-own Faith started her slaying career captured by an ancient vampire and forced to see her Watcher tortured and killed. She found refuge in Sunnydale, but finally gave up fighting the darkness in herself -- the rogue Slayer signed on as the Mayor's right-hand woman. Buffy put her in a coma after their fight to the death (to save Angel's life); she woke up and went on a rampage. She's currently in L.A. and Angel's problem, but who knows when she'll turn up again.

Eliza Dushku, born December 30, 1980 in Boston, Mass., kickstarted her performing career in the Watertown Children's Theater, in Watertown, Mass. At the age of ten, Eliza took part in a nationwide talent search to find a young actress to star opposite Juliette Lewis in the major motion picture, "That Night." Her next role was that of Robert Deniro's daughter, Pearl, in "This Boy's Life," before she starred as Arnold Schwartzenegger's daughter in "True Lies". Her other film credits include "Bye Bye Love," "Fishing with George," "Journey," and "Race the Sun."

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Drusilla -- Juliet Landau

Drusilla was an ordinary girl, headed for a convent, when she caught Angelus' eye. He made her crazy before he brought her across -- and boy, does it show. BirdWoman may not have that much going on upstairs except visions, but she's got the killing thing down pat. She stole Spike's heart -- and trampled it in the dust on her way out the door. She headed off to raise hell in Los Angeles, when she's not making sidetrips back to her old hometown....

Juliet Landau, the daughter of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, started acting as a child in Los Angeles, but she has worked all over the world to get the chance to work professionally in her hometown. She attended the American School in London and graduated from the North Carolina Center for the Arts, starting her career as a ballerina. She became a member of the world famous Actor's Studio and started auditioning for parts. Juliet soon found herself acting alongside John Cusack in "The Grifters," Whoopee Goldberg in "Theodore Rex" and her father Martin in Tim Burton's "Ed Wood," where she had the co-starring role of Loretta King. Juliet currently lives in Los Angeles.

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