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The Master -- Mark Metcalf

One of the oldest and most powerful vampires in the world, the Master rivaled Pinky and the Brain for world domination schemes. But while attempting to cast a spell that would open the Hellmouth, he found himself trapped in it instead, and spent the next 60 years melodramatically pestering his minions to help him get out of his subterranean prison. But the Slayer had other plans for him -- none of which included taking over the world -- and now, instead of a cork in a bottle, he's talcum powder.

Mark was born on March 11 in Findlay, Ohio. During 1968, he worked toward a Master's Degree at the University of Michigan. He is currently in the process of completing his Master's Degree now at the California State University -- Northridge. Mark has appeared in many movie and TV roles; his most memorable performance would probably be as Douglas C. Neidermeyer in 'National Lampoon's Animal House'. Before filmmaking, Mark had a distinguished career on stage. In 1970 through 1971, he travelled with the Milwaukee Repertory Company appearing in many plays in various cities across the United States. After Animal House, Mark was busy producing films such as 'Head Over Heels', aka 'Chilly Scenes of Winter', and making many television appearances.

Bio taken from the Official Mark Metcalf Home Page

Mr. Trick -- K. Todd Freeman

Mr. Trick was a vampire of the nineties, from his sharp wardrobe and techie toys to his businessman's take on the whole 'drink their blood' riff. He had the brains, the cool and the nerve to take on the Slayer, but his 'alliance' with the mayor put him in the wrong place at the wrong time, with a Slayer in a really bad mood. Dust to dust.

Born in Houston Tx., K. Todd Freeman has been a member of Chicago's famed Steppenwolf Theatre ensemble since 1993, and is currently performing there. His impressive list of theatre credits include One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (London, Broadway and Chicago); A Clockwork Orange; Libra; The Song of Jacob Zulu (Chicago, Broadway, Australia), for which he recieved a Tony Award nomination. On the big screen, he has appeared in Cider House Rules, Grosse Pointe Blank, and Eraser among others. His television guest appearances include "NYPD Blue", "Strange Luck", "Sisters" and "A Different World". Bio informatio taken from the Steppenwolf Theatre home page.

Mayor Richard Wilkins III -- Harry Groener

The town mayor was just like any other politician -- he campaigned for reelection (on the 'Friend to Demons' ticket), he kissed babies (or sacrificed them, depending on his mood), he terrified his staff (hygiene was not optional), he was invulnerable, and he had major plans for Sunnydale -- big on bloodshed, low on raising the standard of living, but hey -- that's politics. But Buffy took him out of the running in a big way, when she blew up his demon self along with Sunnydale High School.

Harry Groener has been one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood and New York for quite some time, as one of the most recognizable -- and least namable -- character actors in the business ("It's that guy!"). He has appeared on television in everything from "Cupid" to "Dear John" to "Quantum Leap", "Star Trek: Voyager", "Remington Steele" and "Home Improvement". On Broadway, he had a leading role in Crazy for You, played in the original runs of Cats and Oklahoma and has been nomitaed for three Tony awards. Born September 10, 1951 in Augsberg, Germany, Harry emigrated to San Francisco at age 2. He's been married to actress Dawn Didawick since 1977. Bio information from The Somewhat Official Harry Groener Page

Prof. Maggie Walsh -- Lindsay Crouse

Her students and TAs called her "the evil bitch-monster of death"; vampires and demons called her a fate worse than death. Riley's boss, she was the head of the Initiative, capturing and studying vampires and other demonic entitites of the night -- and still managing to flunk half of her UC Sunnydale Psych students. But the Professor was more like Dr. Frankenstein, creating a supersoldier from leftover body parts. She died at the hands of her own creation -- saving Buffy the trouble of doing it herself, after Walsh tried to kill her.

Born May 12, 1948, the daughter of playwright Russell Crouse, actress/musician Lindsay Crouse was named after her father's frequent collaborator, Howard Lindsay. The Radcliffe-educated Ms. Crouse began her professional career as a dancer, then turned to acting, making her film bow in a fleeting role in All the President's Men (1976). The best of her early screen roles was the Ethel Rosenberg counterpart in 1983's Daniel; one year later, she was Oscar nominated for her supporting performance in Places in the Heart (1984). Her recent filmography also includes The Insider, Beyond the Prairie, Stranger in My House, The Juror, Norma Jean & Marilyn, The Indian in the Cupboard, Bye-Bye, Love and Being Human. Her small-screen appearances include guest roles on 'NYPD Blue', 'Brimstone', 'Milleneum', 'Law & Order', 'Batman: The Animated Series', 'Touched by an Angel', 'LA Law' and 'Hill Street Blues'.

Bio information taken from

Adam -- George Hertzberg

He was the Frankenstein of the 21st Century, created under Maggie Walsh's hands to be the perfect blend of human and demon. Unstoppable, unkillable and unbearably smug about the whole thing, Adam proved to be smarter and tougher than his "mother". But his plan to create a whole army of soldiers like himself blew up when he foud out the the hard way that an amalgamation of demon and human is no match for an amalgamation of Slayerettes.

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting from USC, George went on to appear in such television programs as "Home Improvement" and "3rd Rock from the Sun," as well as numerous independent film productions. He's been seen in such stageplays as "24 Hours to Midnight," "No Wooden Horses," "But That Wasn't Sex," "As You Like It," and "Brighton Beach Memoirs." He is currently working on several writing projects including a solo performance piece for Pay Per View television.

Bio information taken from Integrity Pictures.

Glorificus/Glory -- Clare Kramer

This chick was hell on wheels, literally. A whining, neurotic, self-obsessed fashion plate whose hobbies included draining people's sanity to maintain her own, she could kick the Slayer across the room without breaking a sweat, or a fingernail. And did we mention she was a god? Referred to as the Beast by those who loathe her, she was on the hunt for the Key (known these days as Dawn) and she'd stop at nothing to find the girl. But she wasn't strong enough to stand against a really pissed-off Slayer and her friends; she died trapped in a mortal's body.

Deleware, OH native Clare Kramer had dreams of becoming a ballerina when younger, but eventually took up acting, graduating from New York University. She says of acting, "Unlike life, acting requires no social conditioning. I feel free to let my character do whatever she has to do. Besides. I never think of them as negative, they all have their own worthwhile motives." Clare's previous roles include the movies Ropewalk, Bring It On, Vig and In & Out, as well as the TV series "Outreach".

Clare Kramer Online

Ben -- Charlie Weber

Ben had an uncanny knack for being around the Slayer -- whether helping her with her sick mother, doing his duties as an intern at Sunnydale General Hospital, or calling down Queller demons to clean up masses of insane people. But his 'sister' was even more interesting that he is -- he shared a body with the psychotic Glory. While he tried for a while to fight against it, Ben came down on the side of self-preservation in the end, turning Dawn over to Glory to be sacrificed, and was killed by Giles to keep Glory from ever returning.

Born on September 6 in Jefferson City, Missouri, Buffy was Charlie Weber's first acting job. Acting was "something that I was always sort of involved in," says Charlie. He was interested in drama in high school, but he didn't really take part in school productions. After graduation, Charlie went to college for one year. He decided college wasn't for him, and wanted to see what was going on in the world, so he moved to New York City when he was 19 years old. "I started to study acting and I met people and everything sort of fell together," says Charlie. He picked up a few modeling gigs to pay the bills, appearing in print ads for designers like Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren. From Buffy, he's gone on to roles in Director's Cut and The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy.

Bio information taken from and the Internet Movie Database.

Warren Meers -- Adam Busch

If you're looking for the definition of nerd, you probably wouldn't have to look too much further than Warren. A robotics genius with severe social disorders, Warren wasn't much more than annoying before he teamed up with the other two members of the Trio. Power started going to his head once he found out he could get away with murder -- literally -- and his quest to take down the Slayer got personal, particularly once she took him down. His shooting spree almost killed Buffy and cost Tara her life; it also cost Warren his, when Willow took some serious revenge for her lover.

Born July 6, 1978 in East Meadow, New York, Adam is one of the lead singers in an LA-based folk band with strong NY ties named Common Rotation (formerly known as 28 Orange Street). He began his acting career in high school, including spending much of senior year in Florida working on the series "The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo". His other television appearances include His film appearances include "Figure It Out" and "The Fugitive"; his film roles include Magic Rock, Sugar & Spice, Alien Vacation and Leon.
Bio partially taken from TV ToMe and the IMDB

Halfrek -- Kali Rocha

One of Anya's old friends from her vengeance demon days, Halfrek prefered the term "justice demon" and specializes in answering the wishes of children -- regardless of the outcomes. Halfrek wanted what's best for Anya (mostly), but couldn't see why she was so caught up in this human stuff. Surely demonhood is better for everyone, isn't it? But Anya thought otherwise, and it was Halfrek's life and soul that D'Hoffryn sacrificed to undo one of Anya's Wishes.

A veteran of the New York stage, Kali's theatre credits include the Broadway plays An Inspector Calls, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan (with Patrick Stewart) and In the Summer House, as well as extensive Off-Broadway roles. She has appeared on the big screen in Gods and Generals, Meet the Parents, Autumn in New York , , The Love Letter, The Crucible. Her television work includes guest appearances on "Family Law", "Becker", "Cursed"

Bio information taken from TV ToMe

Unless otherwise noted, filmographies taken from the Internet Movie Database.

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