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The Bystanders

Principal Robin Wood -- DB Woodside

Principal Wood is young and hip, and dedicated to his students -- an all-around good guy. He's also the son of a Slayer, the only one ever recorded. Raised by a Watcher, Wood knows all about fighting the dark side, but he may have to deal his own, since his involvement with Buffy and her gang also brings him face to face with his mother's killer -- Spike.

A graduate of the Yale School of Drama's MFA program, DB Woodside is an up-and-coming stage and screen actors. Born in Queens, New York, DB was a regular on the critically acclaimed "Murder One", appeared in the mini-series "The Temptations", and co-starred in the film Romeo Must Die. He also appeared in the films More Dogs Than Bones and Scar City, in addition to guest appearances on "The Division", "Snoops", "Prey" and "The Practice". On stage, he has appeared in The Tempest and Romeo & Juliet, among others.

Bio information taken from Romeo Must Die and the Internet Movie Database.

Kennedy -- Iyari Limon

The child of money and privilege, Kennedy had to leave it all behind, first when she was Called as a potential Slayer, again when she was attacked by minions of the First, and ran for her life to the dubious safety of Sunnydale. But she's tough and smart, and determined to go down fighting -- almost as determined as she is to make her way into Willow's life.

Born on July 8, 1982, Iyari Perez Limon is of Indian, Spanish, French, and German descent, and was born in Guadalajara, Mexico; she moved to Los Angeles at the age of one. She went professional with her life-long love of acting in 1995 with a guest appearance in an episode of "ER", followed by other small roles on other TV shows, including "The Mind of the Married Man", "The Brothers Garcia," "Reyes y Rey," "Cover Me," and "Strong Medicine." She also appeared in the movie King Cobra. Iyari is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish; offscreen, she loves travel (especially eating new foods), movies and people-watching.

Bio information taken from the Iyari Limon Unofficial Fansite and

Missing in Action

Riley Finn -- Marc Blucas

Riley used to be completely unaware of Buffy as anything but a slightly peculiar student -- until he woke up and realized he had a major crush on her. But, like Buffy, his part-time job kept getting in the way of romance -- Psych TA and college boyfriend by day, military demon hunter Agent Finn of the Initiative by night. Somehow, they both survived and managed to fall in love. But even when the monsters were killed, Real Life proved to be enough to vanquish the couple, and Riley headed off for Belize and a military life. And wife.

Girard, PA native Marc Blucas played basketball through college, but, disappointingly, fell short of the NBA; he played professionally in Europe for a year before discovering a new career -- acting. Working both onscreen and as a behind the scenes advisor on a TV basketball movie, Eddie led Blucas to his first big role in Pleasantville, where he continued to work beind the scenes as well. Marc continued to seek acting roles, while playing basketball in his spare time. His television roles included an episode of HBO's comedy series 'Arli$$' and a part as Jerry O'Connell's best friend in the NBC miniseries The 60s. He was auditioning for a part in the third Scream movie when he was chosen as Riley.
Bio information taken from The Winston-Salem Journal.

Graham Miller -- Bailey Chase

The strong and silent third of the Initiative's Three Musketeers, Graham's a Good Soldier, fighting for truth, justice and the non-demonic way. He didn't blink at anything short of being attacked by a werewolf, and was one of the survivors of the final battle for the Initiative. He's still with the program, having won his crusade to bring Riley back into the fold.

Bailey Chase (sometimes credited as Bailey Luetgert) was born in 1972, in Chicago, IL. He attended Duke University in Durham, North Carolina on a full athletic scholarship, and graduated in 1995 with a degree in Psychology. After graduation, Bailey moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. He spent time training in London, and his theatre work includes "A Comedy of Errors", "Picnic" and "Death of a Salesman". Bailey's first film break came in Adam Shankman's "Cosmo's Tale" which screened at both Sundance and Cannes in 1999. His other film appearances include Rats, The Stray and Billboard Dad. On television, he's had guest roles on "VIP", "JAG", "Undressed" , "Charmed", "Step by Step", "USA High", "Baywatch", and "Hot Line".
Some bio information taken from the IMDB.

Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne -- Seth Green

Oz joined the Scooby Gang out of love for Willow; he didn't bargain on vampire slaying as part of this gig -- but he also didn't bargain on turning into a werewolf three nights out of every month. He coped for a long time, but when things got too hairy (literally), he had to bail for while. Despite a trip around the world looking for a cure, a brief return proved his control over his powers wasn't good enough to be around Willow, so he's back out on the road.

Seth was raised in Overbrook Park by his parents; Herb, a math teacher, and Barbara, an artist. Seth also has an older sister, Kaela. He attended public school and played soccer. Seth decided to make acting his career at age six after appearing in a summer camp performance of "Hello, Dolly!" ... Photos of Seth being born were used in an ad campaign for natural childbirth. Seth's filmography includes The Party, Austin Power: International Man of Mystery, The Attic Expeditions, White Man's Burden, The Day My Parents Ran Away, Pump Up the Volume, It (TV) and My Stepmother Is an Alien. He has also appeared in the television series' "Temporarily Yours" (David Silver), "The Byrds of Paradise" (Harry Byrd), "Weird Science", "The X-Files" (Emil,'Deep Throat'), "SeaQuest DSV" (Mark Wolfman, 'Photon Bullet'), and "Mad About You".

Seth Green Online
Bio taken from The Unofficial Seth Green page.

Rest in Peace

Tara Maclay -- Amber Benson

Despite her family's assertation that she had demon blood, and their attempts to keep her under their rule, shy Tara struck out on her own, and struck gold in meeting Willow. Their relationship bloomed as they began exploring their powers together, and Tara's heart and courage eventually won her a place in the Scooby Gang (the fact that she was a kick-ass hereditary witch doesn't hurt). When Willow's magic use spiralled out of control, Tara unhappily moved out; though they later reconciled, they had only a day together before Tara was killed in a senseless shooting.

Born January 8 1977, in Birmingham, Alabama, Amber Benson is a multi-talented performer; she both writes and directs in addition to acting (her indie flim, Chance, co-starring Buffy actors James Marsters and Andy Hallet, is currently in post-production). Her other roles include the upcoming Taboo, Hollywood, PA, Prime Gig, Ball Hill, Don's Plum, S.W.F., Imaginary Crimes and The Crush. On television, she appeared in three of the Jack Reed movies and the mini-series "The Enforcers".

Stain and Varnish
Bio information taken from and the Internet Movie Database.

Joyce Summers -- Kristine Sutherland

Owner of a Sunnydale art gallery, divorced mom Joyce Summers loved Buffy, but couldn't understand why her little girl keeps getting into so much trouble. Finding out about the whole Slayer gig didn't really help; still, Joyce learned to deal, and to fight battles of her own. But the tumor she thought she'd beaten claimed her at last, leaving her daughters to fight on alone.

Kentucky native Kristine Sutherland got her start in high school playing Pegora the witch for the Lexington Children's Theatre Company. After attending the University of Kentucky, Kristine traveled to London to study at The Drama Studio. After completing her studies, New York City beckoned and Kristine soon got her professional start Off-Broadway and in regional theatre. Since then she has appeared in a number of pilots for television, guest starred on many popular television shows, and appeared in countless commercials and voice-overs. In 1993, Kristine and husband John Pankow (cousin Ira on "Mad About you,") moved to Los Angeles; they currently reside in Italy. Her filmography includes Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!, "Remington Steele", "California Dreams", "Hot Pursuit", "EZ Street" , "What Does It Take", Legal Eagles and "Guiding Light".

Bio taken from the The Slayer.

Jonathan Levinson -- Danny Strong

Nobody ever paid much attention to Jonathan, but he was always there in the background, getting Cordy coffee, giving Buffy an award, getting taken hostage, hiding in the clock tower with a high-powered rifle, casting spells that allow his overactive fantasy life to take over reality as we know it.... He teamed up with Warren and Andrew to form the Trio, the ultimate Sunnydale supervillains, but confronted with the reality of evil, Jonathan found himself caught between the Slayer and his "partners" -- and didn't have time to choose the right side before the Slayer and Willow came gunning for them all. He made his choice months later, finally coming to peace with himself, and choosing the right side -- but Andrew sacrificed him pointlessly before he could do anything with his knowledge.

Born June 6, 1974, in Harbor City, CA, Danny initially auditioned for the role of Xander, but wound up with a small role in the pilot, which quickly became a recurring role throughout the second and third seasons. He also has a recurring role on on the television series "Clueless" (as Marshall), plus guest appearances on "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" and "Boy Meets World" to his credit. In addition to theatre work, his filmography also includes the spoof I Know What You Screamed Last Summer, Perpetrators of the Crime, Pleasantville, The Prophecy II, Lasting Silents and Dangerous Minds.

Official Danny Strong website
Bio information taken from the Official Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine.

Forrest Gates -- Leonard Roberts

Forrest was a sweetheart, a sexist and highly entertaining dog, and Riley Finn's trusted second-in-command. At least, until Riley started seeing things Buffy's way instead of the Initiative's way. Before they could mend their fences, Forrest was changed into one of Adam's dreams -- a soldier/demon hybrid. In the final battle against Adam, Riley had to kill his best friend again, in order to save him.

Leonard Roberts was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1972, and graduated DePaul University's Theatre School with a BFA in Acting. His other appearances include an episode of "Due South" (in the episode "White Men Can't Jump to Conclusions") and the movies He Got Game, Hoodlum, Love Jones and, like Marc Blucas, The '60s.

Official Leonard Roberts Site

Jenny Calendar -- Robia La Morte

Jenny Calendar came to Sunnydale as a computer science teacher, and found herself drafted into the Slayerettes and falling in love with Giles. The technopagan started out with a different agenda, though -- truly named Janna Kalderesh, she was sent by her Gypsy clan to watch Angel, and make sure his curse stayed in place. She failed, through no fault of her own, and was murdered by Angelus trying to make amends. But Jenny's last gift to the Slayer -- and her Watcher -- was the key to stopping Angelus at last.

Robia La Morte was interested in the arts from a young age and dedicated her life to making it in the competitive world of showbiz. She studied at the Los Angeles High School for the Performing Arts and the Dupree Dance Academy. Before she could drive Robia was dancing professionally at sixteen and was cast in several music videos. A few years later, she met a rock star who was then known as Prince and the two changed each other's lives. She inspired his famous "Diamond and Pearl" theme, was the lead dancer on Prince's European tour and posed for the "Diamond and Pearl" album cover. The two developed a strong bond and La Morte eventually ended up as Prince's spokesperson during his self-imposed public silence. After leaving the wide weird world of Prince at age 22, La Morte tried her hand at acting. She was cast on "Beverly Hills, 90210" as the New York native, Jill Fleming. Her work on the show led to guest starring roles on "The Sentinel", "Lawless" and supporting roles in the films " Earth Girls are Easy" and "Spawn."

Ms. Calendar's Domain
Bio taken from the The Slayer.

Kendra -- Bianca Lawson

Buffy thought she was alone in the world -- until Kendra came to town, and the Chosen One became the Chosen Two. Isolated and trained her entire life to be the Slayer, Kendra was called when Buffy temporarily died saving the world. She didn't really have a grip on the concept of 'having a life', but she was getting there before she died at the hands (well, manicure, really) of Drusilla.

Born March 20, 1979, the daughter of soap star Richard Lawson, Bianca Lawson has been acting since her first Barbie commercial at age 9. Her film roles include the upcoming Bones, Boltneck, Save the Last Dance and Primary Colors, as well as the upcoming Showtime mini-series based on Anne Rice's Feast of All Saints. The part of Bianca Goode in the short-lived series "Goode Behavior" was written for Bianca; she has also made guest appearances in "Dawson's Creek", "Smart Guy", "The Parent 'Hood", "Silk Stalkings", "Sister, Sister", "My So-Called Life" and "Saved by the Bell: The New Class". An athlete interested in basketball, soccer and tennis, Bianca is currently a student at USC.

Bio information taken from Bianca Lawson Online

Principal Snyder -- Armin Shimerman

A reign of terror descended on Sunnydale High when its new principal took over. Snyder knew Buffy was right in the middle of all of the trouble at his school, and wanted to make an example out of her and her buds. He thought Buffy would be the death of him, but in the end, the Mayor cleaned up.

Probably best known for his role as Quark on 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine', classically-trained actor Armin Shimerman also held co-starring roles as Pascal on "Beauty and the Beast" and Cousin Bernie on "Brooklyn Bridge", and portrayed one of the first Ferengi on "Star Trek: The Next Generation", as well as an alien guest role on "Stargate SG-1". Born November 5, 1949, and raised in New Jersey, Shimerman moved with his family to Los Angeles at age seventeen, where he was enrolled in a drama group as a way to make new friends. Shimerman's interest in acting blossomed, and after graduating from UCLA, he headed for the stages of New York. His regional theatre work included productions with both the American Shakespeare Festival and the New York Shakespeare Festival, as well as the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre, before he moved to Broadway. Armin teaches Shakespeare when not acting.

Larry -- Larry Bagby III

He started as a Neanderthal pirate, the bane of Xander's existance, and moved on to become a sensitive New Age guy. Larry made his mark on Sunnydale High in more ways than one, from counseling Xander on 'coming out', to leading the students in their final fight against the Mayor. Unfortunately, the Mayor got Larry before Buffy got him.

Larry was born on March 7th, 1974 at an Air Force base in Marysville, California. He grew up in Utah and started acting early in school productions; when his family moved back to California, he began acting classes and go this first professional role in Invasion Earth. Larry is currently learning the art of filmmaking from the other side of the camera, and teaching acting classes in Los Angeles; he lives in Los Angeles with his wife Jenni. Larry also spent two years in Argentina as his two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Bio information taken from the Official Larry Bagby page

Unless otherwise noted, filmographies taken from the Internet Movie Database.

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