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'Bartlet's Third' Challenge A
From Elizabeth
What if there hadn't been a senior staff meeting for Sam to rush off to and the President hadn't walked in?

'Bartlet's Third' Challenge B
From Elizabeth
What is Ainsley's reaction to Sam's setup? Will Sam end up being really bruised? So many possibilities.....

'The Portland Trip' Challenge
From Lesa
What if something 'happened' between Sam and Ainsley and that's what was causing his writer's block. What was it? And how did he cure it?

by Lisa Verson

'17 People' Challenges
From Elizabeth
1. Where did Ainsley get the FBI sweatshirt?

2. What would happen if Sam decided to skip the correspondent's dinner and follow Ainsley to Smith to hear the ERA debate?

3. Were Sam & Ainsley really late because he spilled coffee (twice)?

Never Surprise a Man Carrying Hot Beverages...
by Allison

The Finally Series
by Robyn H.

The Truth About: Fetching Coffee, Cheesecake and the Correspondent's Dinner Speech
by Elizabeth

Summer Vacation Challenge
From Trish
I'd like to challenge everyone to write about what S/A did on their summer vacations. It can be anything from going home, going to the beach, not taking a vacation & being stuck in the office, to dealing w/ the President's MS and/or responding to subpeonas. Even if you aren't a "writer" give it a try. No one will ridicule you. It's fun. Please? I want new stuff to read.

Ice Cream Beneath the Stars
by Marta

Bipartisanship Challenge
From Trish
OK, since only one person seemed to want to tell me what Sam & Ainsley were doing on their summer vacations - - thanks Marta!, maybe we should try a less cliched, more cerebral challange. In the spririt of BiPartisanship, write a story using as many words that begin with the pre-fix "bi" as possible. For example: bicycle, bipolar, bisexual, biceps, bicentennial, bifurcate etc. Get out those dictionaries & lets make this list more lively! Please?

Got a challenge? Want to respond to one? Send it to bipartisan@neon-hummingbird.com.

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