denotes Josh/Donna stories with a strong Sam/Ainsley presence.
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July 9, 2002

Like it's a surprise it was so long between updates? But seriously, I was going to do this this weekend (as promised to the trouble twins), but got kinda distracted with, you know, the redesign and move and all. You know how it goes when you just can't stand to look at a page for another minute? That's how it was. But hey, look -- PG stuff! From Puck, even! Of course, she's also clinically insane, but what the hell....

Attack of the Killer Muffins
by Puck
"We're being attacked by man eating muffins." 20k

Attack of the Mutant Bunnies
by Puck
"You liked the Secret of NIHM as a child, didn't you, Puck?" 20k

Vacances D'Enfer
by Puck and Zillah
Hell is other people. Where's Ainsley: 6 44k NC-17

By Grace of Mind and Art
by Puck and Zillah
"You had a *very* good day." Where's Ainsley: 7 40k NC-17

Deep Blue
by Puck and Zillah
"You only get so many chances/You can't afford to miss the boat" 32k NC-17

by Pares
Nothing fans the flames of love like a hearty chili, spiced just right. 16k

Somebody to Love
by Lia
Sometimes to love is to hurt, and sometimes to love causes hurt. And sometimes love is worth any pain. 16k

by Michelle H.
But it is not April now, and he is Sam, not Josh; and this is Ainsley, not Donna. And perhaps more important than all of this, it is February. Not April. 36k

April 7, 2002

Actually started this update about two months ago, and just didn't get it done until Puck and Zillah nagged (and bribed). Lots of good stuff, have fun.

Born Leaders and Anomalies
by Puck and Zillah
"Sam, it was one thing to ignore the UN thing, but this, what I'm doing right now? This is important." Post ep for 'Night 5' Where's Ainsley? Series: 3 20k
A Barren Superfluity of Words
by Puck and Zillah
"I'm tired of fighting with you." Where's Ainsley Series: 4 28 NC-17

When Words Become Superfluous
by Puck and Zillah
"Yeah. She's still mad at you." Where's Ainsley Series: 5 24 NC-17

Category A
by Abbie
"I don't know whether I want it to be like that." Post-ep for Night 5. NC-17 52k

The Day Before
by Astrid
Family, Friends, TV, Turkey, & Snow Storms, or: Stuff It, You Turkey Basted Yam! 44k

by Allison
Looking towards the future.... Haven Series: 21 (conclusion) 24k

Second Chances
by Karen
Sometimes what isn't said is louder than what is. 12k