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denotes Josh/Donna stories with a strong Sam/Ainsley presence.
denotes general category stories with a strong Sam/Ainsley presence.


A Need for Things
by Lynn Jepsen
News of President Bartlet's MS leaves Josh and Sam reeling. They turn to those around them, only to realize, they're falling farther and farther all the time. Fallen Series: 1 NC-17 Off-Site Link

Never Die Young
by Gigi K.
Set in the future. Inspired by the James Taylor song. 28k

Never Surprise a Man Carrying Hot Beverages...
by Allison
Post-ep for "17 People". Just why did Sam spill all that coffee? 16k

by Allison
Ainsley and Sam compare notes, and take a big step. Haven Series: 12 20k

Nothing Keeping You
by Abbie
"There's nothing keeping you with us." And some demon had made her look into his eyes when she replied, "Yes, there is." NC-17 64k

Nothing Will Come of It
by Gwen Hunter
Josh & Sam drown their sorrows while Donna & Ainsley bond. 24k

by Robyn H.
Sam finally notices. Finally Series: 1 8k


Off the Record
by Trish
Response to the State of the Union hotel fic challenge. R 40k

Our Kind
by Allison
Ainsley's a little mortified. Haven Series: 3 20k


by MelWil
Ainsley ponders Sam's passion. Sequel to Denial. 8k

by Elizabeth
Payback's a bitch - or is it? 36k

Perfect Timing
by Amanda N.
Sam and Ainsley get stuck in her office and one of them doesn't react well. 12k

by Marzee Doats
Ainsley's looking for Sam, and he's got some questions for her. Post-ep for The Fall's Gonna Kill You. 48k

Pilgrim's Chorus
by CGB
"She's not sure how she got here." 20k

by Marzee Doats
Sam and Ainsley, two mornings. Sequel to Puzzles. Pre- and post- Two Cathedrals. 104k

Pleasure and Plans
by Robyn H.
What we would hear if we could listen to their telephone conversation? Should I? Series: 4 8k

by Allison
Sam and Ainsley get to make people cry. Well, not really. But wouldn't that be nice? Haven Series: 8 20k

Punctuation of a Kiss
by Ginny K.
3 different couples share 3 very different kisses. 28k

by Marzee Doats
Dismissed for dinner, Sam wants to call Ainsley. Sequel to Pieces. Post-ep for 18th and Potomac. 36k


by Scott Fenstermaker
The West Wing staff juggles a crisis in the Middle East, and education issues closer to home. 64k

by Pares
Nothing fans the flames of love like a hearty chili, spiced just right. 16k

by Lyman's Might
"When it should stand humbled, humanity will always be it's most haughty." R 24k


Second Chances
by Karen
Sometimes what isn't said is louder than what is. 12k

Secret Recipe
by Puck and Zillah
"Now I have all this batter and nothing to do with it." 12k NC-17

Should I?
by Robyn H.
Ainsley and Sam muse on each other after 'Bartlet's Third State of the Union'. Should I? Series: 18k

Soft Places
by Puck and Zillah
There's somewhere politics won't matter. 232k NC-17

Somebody to Love
by Lia
Sometimes to love is to hurt, and sometimes to love causes hurt. And sometimes love is worth any pain. 16k

Something Sweet to Look Forward To
by Glynnis
Sam is told about the President's illness and goes to see Ainsley afterwards... 32k

Someone to Talk To
by Nikki
Sam looks for someone to talk to. (post '18th and Potomac') 16k

Southern Grace
by Jeanine
Summary: Sam reminisces about his relationship with Ainsley. 20k

by Elizabeth
A lunatic has plans for Ainsley and Sam gets drawn into the web. 116k

by Allison
Sam and Ainsley make some discoveries about each other. Haven Series: 4 16k

Supposed to Be
by Allison
Sam tries to explain the whole thing to Josh. Haven Series: 13 20k


Testing the Waters
by Allison
Valentine's Day and a first date. Haven Series: 5 20k

That's What Friends Are For
by Lisa Verson
When Sam's sister is in a car accident, there is one person he knows he can turn to for support. 20k

Things Come Together
by Lynn Jepsen
News of President Bartlet's MS leaves Josh and Sam reeling. They turn to those around them, only to realize, they're falling farther and farther all the time. Fallen Series: 3 NC-17 Off-Site Link

Things That Go Bump...
by Dallas Thompson
Lord, deliver us! 8k

Those Three Little Words
by Puck and Zillah
Why beer and sex don't always mix. Answer to the State of the Union August challenge. 12k NC-17

Thoughts and Conversations
by Gigi K.
Sam and Ainsley, thinking things through and talk it out with friends 12k

Thoughts of Confusion
by MelWil
Sam from Ainsley's POV at a reception. 8k

by Allison
Sam and Josh talk about timing and the future. Haven Series: 19 16k

by Allison
Sam and Ainsley face yet another obstacle. Haven Series: 7 16k

The Truth About: Fetching Coffee, Cheesecake and the Correspondent's Dinner Speech
by Elizabeth
Post-ep for "17 People"; answer to the coffee challenge. 16k NC-17 version

Two for the Show
by Robyn H.
Sam and Ainsley visit the White House theater. Should I? Series: Conclusion 8k


Unexpected Haven
by Allison
Sam and Ainsley make a connection under unexpected circumstances. Haven Series: 1 20k

Unspoken Attraction
by Alexandra
The beginning of a possible attraction between Ainsley and Sam. 16k


by Punk and Sabine
CJ, Sam, Ainsley, filet of sole, Toby, a raft, some other people, and a room with a glass door, in the great tradition of experimental dinner theater. 24k

Vacances D'Enfer
by Puck and Zillah
Hell is other people. Where's Ainsley: 6 44k NC-17

by Michelle H.
But it is not April now, and he is Sam, not Josh; and this is Ainsley, not Donna. And perhaps more important than all of this, it is February. Not April. 36k

Visiting Time: One Century
by Puck and Zillah
"I'm desperate and alone and to get my family off my back we're pretending you're my boyfriend." 52k NC-17


When Words Become Superfluous
by Puck and Zillah
"Yeah. She's still mad at you." Where's Ainsley Series: 5 24 NC-17

Whisper in the Darkness
by Dallas Thompson
A moment of comfort turns into something more. 12k NC-17

White House or Bust
by Puck and Zillah
What if Bartlet never ran in 1998? Series. Off-Site Link NC-17

Who Am I Kidding?
by Mary
Ainsley's thought processes after Sam leaves her office in 'Barlet's Third State of the Union'. 8k

Wind in the Trees
by Pat Steiner and Bridget Walker
A Josh and Donna trip into the mountains of New York nearly ends in tragedy. Sam and Ainsley head up the rescue effort. 104k


You Too?
by Robyn H.
Two White House couples realize they might have more in common than they thought. 20k

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