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denotes Josh/Donna stories with a strong Sam/Ainsley presence.
denotes general category stories with a strong Sam/Ainsley presence.


Garden of Memories
by Dallas Thompson
Sequel to Carolina in My Mind. 8k

by Allison
Everybody comes together to watch a historic event. 20k

by Allison
Ainsley's family continues to test Sam. Haven Series: 17 20k

Ghost in Her Heart
by Puck
"Of all my demon spirits, I need you the most. I'm in love with your ghost." Response to the State of the Union Song Challenge. 16k NC-17

Girls Night Gone Wild
by Puck and Zillah
"You didn't have some big lesbian orgy, did you?" A PWP 16k NC-17

Going Public
by Allison
Sam and Ainsley's timetable gets accelerated. Haven Series: 14 20k

A Good Thing
by Allison
A business trip leads to interesting situations for Josh and Donna. A companion to the Haven Series. 36k


Her First Born Son
by Lia
A snowy night, icy roads and suddenly two lives hang in the balance. 28k

by Allison
Looking towards the future.... Haven Series: 21 (conclusion) 24k


I Will Survive
by Puck and Zillah
Ainsley dances away a crappy day, and Sam helps. Answer to the State of the Union November Challenge. 16k NC-17

Ice Cream Beneath the Stars
by Marta
Sam and Ainsley take a break. The title explains itself. 12k

by Allison
We catch up to the MS thing, and Ainsley's family carry out their threat. Haven Series: 16 20k

Innocence and Dim Time
by Puck and Zillah
Moving on is simple. It is what you have to leave behind that is so hard. 139k NC-17

Intellectual Foreplay
by Trish
Ainsley sends Sam a card. 12k

Intensive Care
by Elizabeth
How would Sam cope if circumstances beyond his control forced him to return to San Diego? 64k

Into the Jungle
by Nikki
Sam comes to Ainsley's rescue. 44k


Jagged Little Pill
by Lynn Jepsen
The women of the West Wing, according to Alanis. 28k R


Keep Hope Alive
by Lia
A long night of waiting and Josh and Donna come to grips with feelings too long held inside; while Ainsley waits for word and prays for the chance to tell Sam a secret she carries. 24k


Late Night Conversations
by Gigi K.
Sam has one more phone call to make . . . Post 'Somebody's Going to Emergency' 12k

Lay Down Your Head
by Marguerite
Answer to Jori and Michele's State of the Union Challenge for (this is killin' me, here) smutty songfic. 28k NC-17

A Late Thaw
by Sary
After "17 People," the ice begins to melt. 16k

Liberal Arts
by MoJo and Jori
On Big Block of Cheese Day last year, Sam made a recommendation to the NEA he shouldn't have and Ainsley isn't going to let him forget it. NC-17 Off-Site Link

Loose Ends
by Allison
Sam and Ainsley recover from her family's visit. Haven Series: 18 16k

Love's Recovery
by Puck and Zillah
"You know. . . maybe it's time we talked about it." Response to the State of the Union song challenge. 32k NC-17


Making Frederick Jealous
by Puck and Zillah
Ainsley follows through on Sam's hair. Post ep for 'Ways and Means.' Where's Ainsley? Series: 1 12k

by Allison
Sam and Ainsley talk about timing and the future. Haven Series: 20 20k

Midmorning Conversations
by Gigi K.
Ainsley thoughts while talking to Sam 'early' the next morning. Conversations Series: 2 28k

The Midsummer's Tale
by Michelle Hiley
Another Verrie Tragical Comedie, this time in Five Acts. 60k

The Moment
by Glynnis
Two women with a common link.... 32k

by Allison
A little one, in which news gets printed that should not be. Haven Series: 10 16k

Much Ado About Politixs
by Michelle Hiley
or "What They Want"; A Verrie Tragical Comedie, in Four Acts. 48k

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