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Meeting 6 (09/14/99)

This sixth, brief, meeting of the Aeryn Sun Interpretation Society and Widow's and Orphan's Emergency Beer Fund will now come to order. The Chair would like to remind the members of our motto: Those who do not learn from history are condemned to watch reruns. That was the way Mr. Santayana put it, wasn't it?

The Chair would also like to thank the members of the Society and Fund for agreeing to the meeting on such short notice. I'm glad that all were able to come. (Who is that in the hair curlers and bathrobe?)

I hadn't planned a meeting so soon, but I found myself thinking about PK Tech Girl at work today. Yes, somewhere out there, some one is going to get an evaluation of their disability that reads, " The veteran had a 2+ laxity of the anterior cruciate ligament and lateral collateral ligament, as well as a Bleached Blonde Bimbo." If you ever wonder about some of the things you get from your government, now you know.

It was interesting to watch an early episode with the knowledge of what is to come. As I think I mentioned in a prior post, I didn't start taping FS until The Flax. So I was relying on an all too fallible memory until I watched PKTG again and taped it.

We will start with our Raven Haired Goddess, of course. So now we see Aeryn getting started as the techie. In I, ET, she couldn't work the device that was supposed to find Moya's anesthesia, and she seemed to feel that it was beneath her dignity to do so. Now she's doing grunt work for John and Gilina, and we know that she'll be able to take pilot's place by TtLG. By this time next year, she'll probably be opening and closing wormholes at will, while putting a competition engine into Moya and writing haiku. Is she being more? Oh, yeah.

When John and Aeryn had the "Didn't you ever just click with a guy" conversation, I remembered Aeryn as saying that she had, but at some time previously, meaning that it was with a fellow PK. Seeing it again, I agree, as some have posted, that John could have been the person she "just clicked with." So, hopefully, we won't have any old PK boyfriends showing up, as was previously speculated on in the past. And I think we can discount her having had a passionate relationship with Captain Crais of the Good Ship Lollipoop. OOOOH. I want to wash my fingers for even typing such a thing.

And again, I have to comment on Claudia Black's acting abilities. She is capable of expressing an enormous amount of emotion and information without talking, just with her facial expressions. Watch Aeryn after she has found JC and Gilina kissing. We know she was interested in John, and we know that interest will become mutual and more intense in the future. But you can just see Aeryn thinking, " How interested am I in John, and how interested in me is John?" She is obviously considering the relationship, but without ever saying a word.

John, obviously, comes off the worst in PKTG. Since we know he will reach the point of telling Aeryn he will never leave her, and since the majority of 'scapers seem to be fanatic 'shippers, watching John fool around with that Bleached Blonde Bimbo, watching him kiss that Treacherous, Tempting, Trollop, seeing him fool around with HER while poor Aeryn works herself to the bone moving those heavy thingies.....I'd better stop before I lose control. But, you know, there is a country and western song in there someplace. All we need to do is add something about Mama, going to prison, getting drunk, trucks and trains, and we're set.

I was drunk the night my Mama got out of prison,
And I went down to meet her in the rain
But before I got to the station in my pickup truck,
She got runned over by a damned old train

Okay, David Allen Coe fans, take the chorus from there. Then again, maybe, like so many of my other good ideas, country and farscape music is a concept just a little ahead of it's time. Are you sure Kinky Freidman started this way?

Having insulted Gilina, I will now apologize. On seeing PKTG again, I find I like Gilina more the second time around. She has indeed "just clicked" with John. She is willing to help the crew install the defense shield because of John, and when Gashole is coming in full bore, she stays where she is to finish her job, even though John repeatedly tells her to go. Gilina even seems to have come to respect Aeryn by the end of the episode. (Note Aeryn's forced smile when Gilina shakes her hand. Aeryn doesn't have much of a grasp of expressing any emotions ast this point.) Doubtlessly, the fact that John was supportive of Aeryn's actions helped Gilina see things that way, but....And I hope that Gilina doesn't end the way most female guest stars who intrude on a relationship between the stars do. Gruesomely killed off by Crais after helping John or Aeryn escape, or whatever. I'd like to see Gilina give Crais a terminal wedgie, grab a Prowler and head off to be more. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. Where have I heard that line before?

Even in her gentle, priestess mode, Zhaan is capable of violence. She doesn't physically use violence, but she can sure orchestrate it. So even before RiB she has a dark side.

And it's less surprising to see Pilot yelling to start shooting in TtLG after seeing how afraid he and Moya are of fire.

A little pop psychology. People who have been seriously deprived of life's necessities, can become very materially oriented. His time on the Zelbinion might explain some of Rygel's grasping, not to say felonious, habits. I doubt that Rygel was ever God's Gift to Hyneria, but who knows, he might once have been a half way decent person, if spoiled. Does "spoiled" remind us of any new crewmembers? Let's see. John and Aeryn, OK. D'Argo and Zhaan, possible. Rygel and Chiana? Think about it. The Rygel and Chiana Site of 'Shippyness?

D'Argo is the only one, less the cameo by Durka, whom we now know will figure in our Heros' futures, who didn't have much of a part. He did get to roar and scream nicely, and hey, if you want roaring and screaming, who you gonna call?

And to think I spent all of those years making up obscene limericks about my bosses. So, see the 'shippyness, feel the 'shippyness and be the 'shippyness.

And remember, be careful out there.

Aeryn Sun Interpretation Society and Widow's and Orphan's Emergency Beer Fund