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Chairman: Bob Hutchinson (UCSBDad)

Logo Introduction UCSBdad takes a stand
Meeting 1 PKs as Cossaks, Aeryn as Ronin, and Other Changes Since the Premiere
Meeting 2 Zhaan's Fashion Sense, Peacekeeper Society Models, and Aeryn's Future
Meeting 3 Total Lack of Aeryn Sun Background Info, and Rygel as Dominar
Meeting 4 John Grisham Novels and PK Foreign Policy
Meeting 5 Butch and Sundance Ride Again
Meeting 6 PK Tech Girl and Country Music

Meeting 7 History, Fashion and Jerry Springer
Meeting 8 Greeks and Romans and Johnny's Girls
Meeting 9 Politics, Peacekeepers, and Command Policy
Meeting 10 John & Aeryn & the Larger Issues
Meeting 11 Reading material, the Roman Empire and Will Shakestail