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  Price (Credits)
Short Tour of the Uncharted Territories 200
Long Tour of the Uncharted Territories 300
Bringing You Back from the Uncharted Territories 500
Boxed Lunch 20
Boxed Lunch (Non-Food Cubes) 40
Bottled Water 50
Other non-alcoholic decaffeinated drinks 10
Caffienated drinks, alcoholic drinks, graphite drinks (for those over the legal age) 40
Security Deposit for drinking any of the above 50
Tourist tax 20
Customs tax 40
Customs bribe 50
Transportation tax 25
Photo tax 25
Bail and legal fees for TGUT 200
Bail and legal fees for yourself 400
Vaccinations and medical attention 150
Vaccinations and compentant medical attention 250
Small weapons tax 20
Large weapons tax 50
Fake Peacekeeper visa tax 15
Obnoxiously Cheerful Tour Guide Gratuity
(for parties over 1)