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The Pleasure Tour

Indulge Yourself in Intergalactic Style!
Join us on a whirlwind cruise through planets and galaxies sure to delight even the most jaded palate. Whether travelling as a family, as a couple, or as a swinging single TGUT guarantees times so good they shouldn't be legal (but mostly are)!

If you actually want some place you can take your family, this is the planet that's served more than 10 billion visitors! Enjoy the castles and domed cities on FantasyWorld, thrill to the newly-expanded Frontier Nebula zero-to-4-gee coasters, sample the cuisines of a hundred solar systems at the Cultural Exchange Culinary Exposition, and don't leave without taking a nostalgic visit to the It's a Small Galaxy ride! (If, on the other hand, anthropomorphized mice and overgrown plush mammals give you the willies, you may find the bar scene and the music at the Hard Rock Cafe' on Pirate Continent more to your taste. Adults can have fun here, too!)
Paid for by DisneyCorp and the Earth Alliance Tourism Council
Party with the people who do nothing else! On Argos, they believe that you should live every day like it's your last, with drinking, dancing, feasting, and whatever else you can possibly desire. Savor the sunsets over the pristine beaches, wander among the priceless antiquities (but don't take any souvenirs), or attend one of the daily wedding rituals. Hey, you might even decide this place is romantic enough to tie the knot yourself! (No discount given on honeymoon cruises.)
Paid for by the Pelops Extinction and Argosian Tourist Board
Jackson's Whole
Anything and everything is for sale here, no matter if it's illegal, immoral or fattening on every other planet in the galaxy. Get your body redesigned for flight, pick up the latest in designer pharmeceuticals, or price weapons stolen from the most recent galactic conflict: it's all here, if you've got the money, because he who has the gold makes the rules. But remember to bring your Galacta Visa. Because the merchants of Jackson's Whole don't believe in free samples or bar tabs, and they don't take Betan Express.
Paid for by the Merchants' & Stockholders for Jackson's Whole, LTD
Las Vegas
Viva, viva, viiiiiiiva the City That Never Sleeps! Home to more than a hundred casinos, amusement parks, night clubs, exotic shows and tourist attractions, this glittering mecca resides in the middle of one of backwater Earth's hottest deserts, where the neon lights can be seen for a hundred kilometers away. Boasting millions of opportunities to gamble, explore the decadent night life, and jam on the adrenaline highs of thrill-seeking carnival rides, it's an experience that can overwhelm the more delicate species --- to which we say: what a way to go!
Paid for by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the Soprano Family Mercantile Cooperative
Shore Leave Planet
If you can imagine it, they will build it. Want to kiss the girl that dumped you in high school? Want another chance to fight the jerk who used to beat you up? Have you ever wanted to be a Musketeer, a Klingon fleet commander, an Orion slave girl, a Jedi knight? It's all possible at Shore Leave! So follow Alice down the rabbit hole, and leave your worries and scruples behind. They'll be waiting for you to pick them up at the TGUT Jump-Off Lounge, where you can relax with some apres-fantasy cocktails and exchange tales of adventure with your fellow travelers!
Paid for by the Shore Leave Upkeep & Maintenance Fund, and the Tourist's Guide to the Uncharted Territories

The Desert Tour
For the Serious Sunbathers and Sand Enthusiasts, TGUT is still offering our Dry and Hot Tour! Sign up to journey with us to scenic Vulcan, exciting Tatooine, dangerous Abydos and many other spectacular sites.

The Arts and Culture Tour
For the Discerning Traveler! Want to see expand your horizons, challenge your aesthetics and enlighten yourself to the societies that surround you? Join us at some of the finest and most fulfilling entertainment the universe has to offer.

The Archeological Tour
Visit the Past in the Present! For those who love to explore the past (or just like the treasures that got buried in it) TGUT will take you to the premiere archeological sites in the galaxy.

The Prison Tour
Relive the Great Escapes! TGUT has visited every prison in the galaxy, and we can prove it! Check out these model institutions to see where the universe's deadliest dudes end up when caught. (Fees for Escape Attempt Tours are triple the ticket price at the time of purchase).