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Boys and Their Toys
The members of the Moya crew receive a mysterious package, and are introduced to the concept of "action figures."24k

Epilogue (to "Won't Get Fooled Again")
Events on the planet (and Moya) after the end of the episode. 54k

Santiago, Roshni
Coming Back to Life
John and Aeryn must come to terms with the events surrounding "Jeremiah Crichton;" Aeryn is struck down by a mysterious illness and Crichton must risk his life in an attempt to save her. Minor spoilers for most of first season. 100k

A Simple Kind of Mirror
Zhaan's madness returns and her companions must seek aid from a mysterious being while Aeryn and John come to terms with their recent experiences.183k

Fiction Between the Spaces
About loss, memory, and the stories we tell ourselves... 85k

Shatter Into View
Shards of memory begin to rise, and things need to be dealt with, months after the events of Die Me, Dichotomy. 16k

Schuler, James (Crow TS)
I Just Want to Go Home At This Moment
Filk based on "It's the End of the World As We Know It". 3k

Shoji, Sharon
A Daisy, A Baby, and a Hynerian Stork
A trip down-planet has John, Aeryn, D'Argo and Zhaan making new friends and meeting old enemies, while Pilot and Rygel have to cope with a Leviathan in distress. 66k

In One of These Dreams
John, back on Earth, finds himself in a mental institution. A nurse tells his story. Rated R for language. 22k

Smith, Perri
PK Tech Girl: He Said
Crichton's version of the events of "PK Tech Girl". Companion to PK Tech Girl: She Said. 29k

Resting Place
D'Argo's contemplation of an unexpected discovery.1k

John's thoughts after the events of "A Bug's Life."7k

Sonne, Diana Valera
After Midnight
Aeryn and Crichton have a talk after they return from the false Earth of "A Human Reaction." Possible beginning of a novella to be written by the author later. 24k

Soliloquy #1
Larraq's musings on meeting Aeryn.7k

While My Lady Sleeps
John Crichton's thoughts as he waits for Aeryn to awaken after being assaulted by the Larraq-virus. 16k

Stern, Kara L.
A Plague of Beetles
How the crew deals with some accidents and infestations. 29k

Strother, Teresa (Board handle "TooFarGone")
180 Degrees
Some time after the episode Fractures, all spoilers included. Aeryn takes a different direction when John's mission to destroy Scorpius' wormhole research goes awry. 80k

David W.
Laughter Becomes Something More
John makes the mistake of laughing at Aeryn. 15k

Walbridge, David (DWal)
D'Argo must face the future after an accident which forces him to look at the present.56k

Triple Play
How did D'Argo, Aeryn, and John get away from the Peacekeepers on the commerce planet?32k

Wait, Sarah
All I Have to Do Is Dream
Aeryn has a bad dream. 14k

Letting Go: Larraq
Larraq's reaction to the events of "A Bug's Life." 30k

Seasons: Spring
John finds you really can go home again. 51k

Wiley, Vivian
The Heart is Also A Weapon
The heart is also a weapon, but how do you maintain it? During-The Choice 28k

Williams, Natalie
Bedtime Story
A future-type John and Aeryn shipper story thing. 13k