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When Skies Are Gray
Moya's crew struggles to deal with the aftermath of the events in "Die Me Dichotomy". 33k

Change of Heart
An alternate universe story, about what might happen if Aeryn encountered the Peacekeepers again--- and had some hard choices to make. 88k

Brezicky, Amanda
Things Past
An alternate universe look at what Zhaan's crime might have been --- and the consequences years later aboard Moya. 10k

Brown, Nancy
Yet to My Fancied Sight
Zhaan comforts Stark between LGM:PB and DMD. 19k

A Change of Vector
Thirty cycles, to bring him to this place. 12k

Practicality is cold comfort in the Uncharted Territories. 10k

Those Who Favor Fire
Space would be too cold for him. Post Icarus Abides. 11k

Crystal Moon
Home for Christmas: A Perfect Gift
The tradition of gift-giving, Farscape-style.22k

Debby A.
Damned Spot
Ice, death, and one tormented soul. (Spoilers for "Die Me, Dichotomy") 21k

Wayfarers at Night
"...riding into the jaws of hell for one another was one thing -- but sharing could still be as alien a concept to them as they were to each other." 36k

Dickens, Leonard
The aftermath of "A Bug's Life" for John... 3k

Hunter and Hunted
Actions taken by the rest of the crew lead to some hard choices for John. 26k

Loose Ends
At the end of "Jeremiah Crichton", John prepares to return to Moya and face his friends. 22k

Chiana finds trouble -- and finds herself with some adjusting to do. 12k

Douglas, Paul
Out from the Bars
How the Great Escape from Peacekeeper custody got orchestrated, just before the premiere--- and how it almost didn't happen at all!31k

Folden, Laura
Aeryn's Choice
An unexpected Peacekeeper raid traps Aeryn between what she was, and what she could be. 28k

Aeryn fights for her life and John's when Crais' people invade Moya. 37k

Ask Me Tomorrow (Memories Version)
Aeryn and John visit Earth --- and nothing goes as planned...109k

Letting Go: Aeryn
Aeryn's view of the events of "A Bug's Life." 22k

One Among Many
Aeryn's pov after "A Human Reaction," when Crichton leaves her all alone on a planet "full of billions of [him]".33k

Folden, Laura and Hill, Kelly
Aboard Moya years later, D'Argo recalls meeting his wife and the events that followed.... 41k

Folden, Laura and Friends
John's attempt at a cultural exchange gets a little out of hand --- with hysterical results! Written by members of the Farscape Fiction Lists.41k

Goodge, Shelley
Two Steps Forward
Crais's vendetta has interesting consequences....5k

Gray, Karolyn (Gray3)
This Side of Paradise
In the aftermath of "The Hidden Memory," Crichton & Co. must deal with the side effects of the Aurora Chair. 48k

Harper, Epona
In Sickness and In Health...
Crichton finally catches an Uncharted Territories virus. 33k

Helton, Rebecca
Cinder-Rocket Jockey
A Fractured Fairy Tale, Farscape style! A retelling of the story of Cinderella, in a much more demented way. 21k

A Rainstorm of Stars
John's contemplation of life and who he loves.6k

Hill, Kelly
After the first flight of Farscape 1, D.K. must deal with the outcome... 7k

I Accuse
Nightmares follow John after "A Bug's Life."23k

If Tomorrow Never Comes
John remembers an incident back on Earth after the events of "PK Tech Girl".8k

Letting Go: John
John's take on the events of "A Bug's Life." 21k

Promises to Keep
Some time in the future, John recalls a promise made during a crisis....8k

Too Long a Sacrifice
John deals with Gilina's death with the help of his friends. 20k

John finds his way back to Earth, but it isn't quite that simple. 55k

Hutchinson, A.
Post- "Die Me, Dichotomy", John Crichton tries to put the pieces of his life together again. 24k

Hutchinson, A. E.
Crichton struggles to determine what is real... before it's too late.108k

Jack Crichton reflects upon the life of his son...14k

A tag scene to 'Bone to Be Wild'. Take your insulin now if you have a low tolerance for sap. You've been warned.13k

Hutchinson, Bob (UCSBdad)
Aeryn White and the Seven Vorlags
Larry the Vorlag and UCSBdad ride again, taking the crew from Moya through the Old West, San Francisco, Oz, and various places fictional and real. 63k

Aeryn by Night
Aeryn as Evil Overlord, laughing maniacally? Umm...8k

"All Bad Things...." by Bob Hutchinson (UCSBdad)
The worst ending for season three that UCSBdad can imagine. 7k

A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Chocolate Body Paint, and Thou by Bob Hutchinson (UCSBdad)
Aeryn wants chocolate body paint. Now. 17k

Christmas Past, Christmas Present by Bob Hutchinson (UCSBdad)
John and Aeryn are rescued from freezing by a jolly, old... Vorlag? 43k

Crichton in Love John loves Aeryn. John would *never* look at another woman. So why won't she believe him? Uh, well.... 72k

Dad Cassidy and the Sundance Vorlag
Didja ever wonder how fanfic gets made? Didja ever wonder about the behind-the-scenes stuff in UCSBdad's head? Here's your chance to learn more! 57k

Death to Furlow!
Who is that lovely Raven Haired lady? Okay, but who's the other one? 4k

Earth Angel
Truck-stop waitressing, rodeos, and small-town strangeness are all stuff that Aeryn Sun can handle... now, if she could just remember who she really is...70k

Earth, Too
What could the outcome be, if John did make it home--- and Aeryn stayed for a visit?47k

A Farscape Carol
Rygel is visited by three Spirits... or possibly it's just too much holiday cheer. You decide!19k

For Better or Worse
What to do when stuck in a Prowler with an Ex-Peacekeeper for six hours.21k

Friends and Lover
From a Round Robin describing the many years spent by Aeryn on the Favored Planet during The Locket. 12k

Good Advice
Another wild planet, another PK Captain looking for Aeryn Sun and John Crichton--- but this time John's undercover as a Peacekeeper, and the captain might be on the verge of blowing his cover.... 55k

Good-bye, Officer Sun
An interlude on a peaceful planet becomes threatening when Crais arrives and Aeryn's behavior becomes erratic...25k

History Lesson
The crew of Moya, seen through the eyes of the future--- even if they *don't* look very familiar from that angle. 21k

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Under what circumstances would Aeryn ever admit to loving John? Here's five (or ten!) answers to the challenge.43k

Into the Light Aeryn and John, and the answers to some very important questions about what lies beyond.... 30k

It's A Wonderful Farscape
What *if* John hadn't come to the Uncharted Territories? What would the fates of his friends be?26k

Inspired by a discussion of Aeryn's possible jealousy on the BB... fluff! 2k

Jenavia's What? by Bob Hutchinson (UCSBdad)
Jenavia's pregnant. Who's the dad? 6k

Jool & Chiana & Aeryn
Just a little thought inspired by the most recent episodes... 4k

A musical beast has tunes to soothe an irritated Peacekeeper, and maybe provide a few clues towards finding Earth. 36k

Aeryn in a short white skirt at Camp David. 24k

Male from Home
John and the crew make like P.I.'s to investigate the murder of a client while trying to track down an elusive Mr. DeReuter, from Rotterdam, Holland... Earth. A Winner of the SACC Fanfic Contest!142k

Miami Virtue by Bob Hutchinson (UCSBdad)
Think Miami Vice with vorlags and Claudia Black. 5k

The Nutcracker Sweetie
Little Aeryn Sun shines in an adaptation of the Nutcracker. 22k

The Old Hail Mary
Peacekeepers, pirates, a ribald song about Aeryn, and tactics that require The Old Hail Mary play all add up to a non-stop adventure with the crew of Moya! 138k

Party, Doll?
Another adventure on a commerce planet goes seriously wonky for John.35k

A Passage of Arms
A tale of rebellion, terrorism, oppressed minorities and war financed by illegal gem sales, with the crew of Moya caught in the middle!124k

The Prisoner of Zendai by Bob Hutchinson (UCSBdad)
John and Aeryn must save the world, again--Moon Over Parador style. 229k

The Rock
While on the Rock, a trading post and stopover for most of the galaxy, John gets lost (again). And Aeryn has help from an old acquaintance in finding him - if they don't kill each other first. 128k

An entertainment exclusive: An interview with Scorpius about the new movie Farscape!23k

The Taming of the Shrew
Shakespeare via Farscape, Padua from outer space, and enough movie references to start your own film festival --- a romantic comedy skewed by our crew in ten acts!39k

Three of a Kind by Bob Hutchinson (UCSBdad)
Rygel sells passage to the infamous vorlags, but they bring presents. 10k

Treasure Hunt
A fortune is hidden on a desolate planet, and our crew intend to be the ones to find it --- if someone doesn't kill them first!107k

The Trouble with Hokas
What's this? Moya overrun by furry troublemakers and they're NOT vorlags? Yep, it's UCSBdad's first try at a crossover fanfic. Take the imaginative Hokas created by Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson, add one drop-dead gorgeous ex-Peacekeeper, add a title stolen from ST:TOS, mix well and stand back. 64k

Jacobs, Cary
Planet of the Ducks
A visit to a small planet goes very very wrong--- and very very silly. With cameo appearances by various SciFi BB personalities. 27k

Jenkins, Lisa D.
Shapes and Patterns
Is there a stowaway on board the ship -- or is a much more subtle presence making itself known?31k

Kamnikar, Christina
Inheritance A hundred cycles in the future, the results of "The Maltese Crichton" yield a very strange legacy to a young Royal Sebacean. 24k

PK Tech Girl: She Said
Aeryn's version of the events of "PK Tech Girl". Companion to PK Tech Girl: He Said. 24k

Meditations on a Flame
Zhaan attempts to come to terms with her experiences since the jailbreak.9k

Zhaan muses on the immediate future after Crais's actions in "Family Ties."1k

Aeryn's thoughts as she waits in her Prowler at the end of "Family Ties."1k

Kamnikar, Christina and Smith, Perri
John, Aeryn and Pilot deal with the aftermath of their encounter with NamTar in "DNA Mad Scientist". 34k

In the Company of Ghosts: The Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies
What would have happened had Aeryn Sun, and not Tauvo Crais, been in that Prowler when John Crichton came through the wormhole? 329k

Koren M.
Black Hole Effects
John is having a few residual problems with the time slips. Rated PG-13; minor spoilers for "Back and Back and Back to the Future". 8k

The Dance: Separation
An explosion leaves John presumed dead and Aeryn balancing on the edge of sanity. Rated PG-13 (language); minor spoilers for "DNA Mad Scientist" and 'The Flax'.28k

Heat of the Moment
Honestly, does anyone really need an explanation? < G > Rated PG-13 (sexual situations); spoilers for "The Flax". 7k

A.J. Matthews
Noble Truths
An episode tag to the events of "Rhapsody in Blue". 6k

The Way We Weren't: Coda
A speculative episode tag to the events of "The Way We Weren't". 7k

What Not to Expect When You're Expecting ...
AU-future-fic, with Aeryn and Crichton building a future together.... 92k

Lauren (OboeCrazy)
The Character Null Void Coffee Shop
Come visit the Coffee Shop, a tongue-in-cheek place where you never know who may show up! When the crew of Moya stop by to relax, they run into another crew who are not very happy to see them....and then wackiness ensues! Well perhaps... 17k

Perpetual Motion
Second in the Coffee Shop series, when Moya and her crew have several months of down time, a bit of cabin fever quickly gets out of hand! 32k

War of the Worlds - A Character Null Void Cafe Story
Third in the series --- celebration time, and two character take a little time to compare bruises. With guest appearances by Daniel Jackson of SG-1 and the cast of MST3K. 24k

TGIF -- A Character Null Void Cafe Story
Fourth in the series --- Just another night at the Cafe' -- but some of the Farscape characters are on strike! With guest appearances by Darien Fawkes of Invisible Man and the SciFi Prime Chick.90k

Leah and Mel
rainbow_verse@hotmail.com and melmll@juno.com
Seventy Ways to Tell You're a Farscape Fan
You know you're a Farscape fan, if... you get at least one in ten of the following statements. (Don't lie to us, we know you get them!) 5k

Lewis, Morgan
Into the Void
Some malfunctions, some pirates, some dodging of asteroids--- it's not a great day aboard Moya!113k

Marechal, J.T.
Sliders, an old enemy, and why you must *never* swallow a Dentic!24k

Matthews, A.J.
A Light Before the Dark
Before she joined Moya's crew, Chiana found some unexpected kindness out in the Uncharted Territories... 31k

Alternate Universe Short #1
An alternate ending to "A Bug's Life."5k

The Delvian Operation
The Peacekeepers come to Delvia.45k

A tag to "A Bug's Life" - with John considering the events that occurred.4k

House Call
A crossover with DR. WHO -- when the Tardis appears in the middle of Moya's cargo bay, strangeness ensues. 45k

Mir, Kaylenn
A Night to Remember
Moya's pregnancy has a strange effect on some of the crew..... 9k

Moon, Crystal
Happy Anniversary
It's been a year since John joined the crew, but a celebration doesn't exactly go as planned.... 29k