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Q: Why were D'Argo, Zhaan and Rygel being held prisoner on board Moya?
A: D'Argo initially claimed to have killed his commanding officer, but we found out in They've Got a Secret that he was framed for the murder of his Sebacean wife (Lo'Lann) by her Peacekeeper brother (Macton), who seriously objected to the marriage, to the point of murdering his sister to end it. D'Argo had only enough time to send his young son, Jothee (who is half-Sebacean, half-Luxan, which the Sebaceans really hate), to an undisclosed location before he was arrested. At the time of the premiere episode, he hadn't seen his son in at least 8 cycles.

Zhaan was in prison for the politically-motivated murder of her lover, Pa'u Bitaal. Bitaal and a few other conservatives betrayed the Delvian people and called in the Peacekeepers to maintain their hold on the government, imprisoning many moderates and objectors, along with Zhaan's own father. In retaliation, she murdered Bitaal while they were sharing an extremely intimate moment, touching off the beginning of her struggle with the nastier parts of her soul. (Rhapsody in Blue)

Rygel was deposed from his throne by his cousin Bishaan, and handed over to the Peacekeepers to get him out of the way --- but whether that was because A) he was a rotten ruler or B) his cousin was a greedy, power-hungry creep, is unclear. (C) All of the Above is a real possibility.

All three were being transported to a lifer's colony (Taran Rau) in the premiere.

Q: Why is D'Argo so attached to that sword thing?
A: The, ah, 'sword thing' is an antique Qualta blade, evidently a seriously important accessory for a well-dressed Luxan warrior. It's also quite useful, since it does the Transformer thing and becomes a neat blaster rifle. We want one.

Q: Speaking of D'Argo, what's with the Luxan hyper-rage?
A: It's a guy thing. < shrug > Like other overly-macho species, Luxan males evidently go through a territorial kill-or-get-laid-right-now mood swing every once in a while, trying to play alpha male. The hyper-rage is what makes Luxans great warriors, but they are also taught to control it, which can take many years. If not, Luxans can go totally out of control, and even have blackouts where they can't remember their rage-induced actions. D'Argo's got reasonably good control, but even he's lost it a few times (usually to John's detriment), and it may have been a deciding factor in the murder of his wife Lo'Laan.

Q: And what does his tongue do? Is it like a tranquilizer or something?
A: Or something, yeah. The Stun Tongue usually whips out when D'Argo has become either bored or irritated to the point of violence, and as a conversation-stopper it works really well. We're guessing that D'Argo's genetic ancestors were related to the Budweiser Frogs, or possibly some exotic toxic variation thereof. Not that we'd say it to his face....

Q: Are those rings on D'Argo's chest supposed to be decorative, like the tattoos?
A: As we saw in A Bug's Life, those rings are there so mean people (like Peacekeepers) can attach chains to them; probably because anyone trying to take D'Argo into custody runs a severe risk of death by tongue or decapitation if they let their guard down for half a second. So no, they're not really ornaments. They also got taken out aboard the Peacekeeper Command Carrier as part of the "truce", so he doesn't have to deal with them any more.

D'Argo finally 'fessed up in Vitas Mortis that the tattoos he bears are the marks of a Luxan general -- which he is not. He had the tattoos applied in order to take the place of his wounded commanding officer, who would not have survived interrogation after battle. He was ransomed, unharmed, but still bears the tattoos, which could lead to some misunderstandings about what kind of pension he's entitled to -- so he's a little embarrassed, as you can imagine.

Q: So. Zhaan's actually a plant. Hunh?!
A: We know how you feel. It's one of those concepts that just leaves you going "whaaaa....?!" However, upon reconsideration, it explains a lot: Zhaan's "photogasms" in 'Til the Blood Runs Clear, her reference to "fibers" instead of muscle tissue being torn in her arm during Through the Looking Glass, the use of her blood as a sedative for the Tavlek going through drug withdrawal during Throne for a Loss, the fact that her body carries no bacteria (referred to in They've Got a Secret) --- all of these point to Zhaan's physiology being very different from everyone else's. Try to think of her as a Venus Flytrap with feet (okay, that doesn't really help much, but we have to start somewhere!).

While the implications are just fascinating (Does this mean that the respect accorded the Sanctity Root is a form of ancestor worship?) we have to admit, we're still stuck back at "whaaaa?!" ourselves. So it's okay if that's where you are, too.

Q: What's the 'fourth sensation' that Zhaan's
evidently experienced (even if it hasn't been recently)?
A: No idea. But it impressed D'Argo, so it would probably impress you.

Q: Are any of Rygel's 600 billion subjects actually missing him?
A: You've met Rygel. What do you think?

Although it's possible that more than 100 cycles of imprisonment (and torture) soured what was once a sunny, giving nature... we're not putting any money on that. Not yet, anyway. (Rygel reportedly (by his report) had many wives, concubines, and children, but that's no guarantee that they miss the little pip-squeak.)

Q: So, what does "irreversibly contaminated" mean? What did Aeryn have
to do to get classified as that deeply dangerous by Captain Crais?
A: "Irreversibly contaminated" is the Peacekeepers' way of ignoring pesky things like courts martial, trials, and public hearings, so they can get their own way as fast as possible and get rid of anyone they want. Sort of like calling in the EPA or the IRS here. It means a Peacekeeper has spent too much time with a member of an unclassified race.

All Aeryn had to do to get classified as such was publicly attempt to contradict Crais's attitude about John deliberately causing Crais's brother's death. By trying to inject a little reason into the proceedings, she basically sent him a signal that she could not be trusted and had grown a brain. In Peacekeeper circles, this is not considered a desirable quality. The sentence is death, and, not really wanting to die yet, Officer Sun decided to book with Moya's crew while she had the chance.

Officer Sun managed to get added to Crais's Ultra-Hate List a little later due to a little confrontation she had with him in A Hidden Memory. Of course, Crais himself has been declared Irreversibly Contaminated since then, so maybe he can sympathize. (Or not.)

Q: Why does John keep invading Aeryn's personal space?
A: Oh, come on. Does anyone over the age of 12 need us to explain this to them? Really? You can't still be wondering about this. I mean, seriously, people....

Q: Well, okay, if you're not going to explain that, tell me how Crichton knew to pack extra underwear! And how's Aeryn managing to steal his extras?
A: From what we can tell, he had his Calvins copied at the first commerce planet that could do it. (This is the buzz from the scriptwriters, too.) There's also the theory that John, not knowing where Farscape I would touch down, packed a change of clothes in the cockpit with him.

As for Aeryn, she either steals 'em out of the laundry basket, or she's bribing Rygel to snurch them. Public discussion of any other possibilities will get us a Pantak jab in the throat.

Q: So, what's Chiana's deal? Why is she on Moya?
A: Moya collided with the Nebari cruiser taking Chiana back to her homeworld to be brainwashed (oops! we mean mind-cleansed) and after a train of events we won't go into here, she decided to stay, since Chiana is less than fond of her uberconformist-boring roots. The Nebari, on the other hand, might want her back --- seeing as they're rather gung-ho on mental health, to the point of scrubbing your brain for nasty impulses. Chiana and her brother Neri 'escaped' and were on the loose for some time.

Turns out, however, that they didn't escape, but were in fact, allowed to leave Nebari, after being infected as carriers for a rather nasty disease. The principle being that they would infect other worlds, the Nebari would sweep in with the cure to be saviors, and thus bloodlessly conquer and bring clean minds to the rest of the galaxy. Fun people. Chiana thought Neri was dead for a while, but he has since turned up as a resistance leader against the Nebari. Chiana desperately wants to rejoin him, but can't as yet.

Before she was taken aboard Moya, Chiana stole, lied, scavenged, stowed away, and did other unsavory things to get by. Whether she's as unhinged as her homeworld believes (they're not exactly poster children for emotional balance) or simply a little stressed is something we're not qualified to judge (especially if it turns out she did kill her last jailer, and smart money bets that way). But she and John bonded early on, and she and D'Argo have "bonded" as well (see below). This keeps her a little distracted, so no one's expecting any more than the usual amount of trouble from her.

Q: Um, was I seeing things in Home on the Remains, or were Chiana and D'Argo
doing a little "bonding" of their own? What happened with that?
A: No, you were not seeing things; after a couple of episodes of dancing around, D'Argo apparently made a few decisions regarding his relationship with Our Favorite Thief. (And during the "Look at the Princess" arc, they bonded pretty much anywhere they could. And any when.)

While intensely cute while it lasted, this ended just as messily as we imagined it would. D'Argo was on the verge of formally asking her to marry him (even going so far as to practice his proposal on the DRD's); when Chiana got wind of this, she flipped out and, in an amazing burst of character assassination... ah, temporary insanity, she had sex with Jothee. It was less a matter of adolescent hormones and attraction than it was desperation. Chiana afterwards admitted to Jothee that she only slept with him in order to precipitate D'Argo's dumping her -- she wasn't ready for a commitment, and she needed to hurt D'Argo enough to make him leave her. Despite being incredibly hurt, D'Argo knew that Chiana was sorry that she treated him that way, and the horrible events of Eat Me made them friends and shipmates again. More than an arn later, sharing various near-death experiences versus the Scarrens and Peacekeepers left them a happy couple once more (We're So Screwed), and the shippers let out a great cheer!

Q: Who's this Gilina chick John keeps angsting about in fanfic?
A: Gilina Renaez was the PK Tech Girl who was marooned on the Zelbinion by herself for a few days after a Sheyang attack on her unit. D'Argo, Aeryn, and Crichton went aboard to find out what zapped the Zelbinion and to scavenge star charts, and nearly killed her out of pure reflex. After the first impulses got sorted out (and the Sheyangs came back to finish the job on the Zelbinion), she assisted them in installing the DS on board Moya. She then returned to the Zelbinion and sent a distress call to Crais's carrier at the end of the episode, in order to ward off another Sheyang attack. Gilina promised not to reveal any information about Moya's crew--- both for their sake, and for her own (since being classified irreversibly contaminated like Aeryn is clearly no picnic). She and John shared a few kisses, but it didn't get farther than that... due to interruption by Officer Sun.

Sadly, Gilina lost her life at the hands of the Peacekeepers while helping John and the others escape from the Gammak Base in A Hidden Memory. Her death was a result of a pulse rife wound sustained after her actions on the base; she ended up helping save both Aeryn's life and John's. She then died aboard Moya with a kiss good-bye from John after he admitted that if things had been different, he could have loved her.

Q: Wait a minute, wait a minute! I thought that guy sharing John's cell on the Gammak Base was nuts. And I also thought he was dead. Is he or isn't he? Where did he go? I'm so confused....
A: Stark did a good job of acting stark raving mad the first time we met him in Nerve, but it was an act. (We think. Well, mostly....) Captured two cycles ago by the PK's and subjected to multiple sessions in the torturous Aurora Chair, Stark resorted to playing crazy in order to avoid more attention from Scorpius. Stark's race was made slaves because of their ability to hide their emotions and share thoughts with others-- including hiding them from the Chair, which saved his life when the PK's conquered his people. Any other secrets he's hiding have yet to be revealed. And the craziness wasn't all an act -- he's pretty much as unstable as you can get without being slammed in a rubber room, capable of going from total sanity to complete breakdown faster than you can say "convenient plot device".

As for if he's dead and where did he go... which time? If you mean at the end of "The Hidden Memory", we'd like to know too. According to the official Sci-Fi Channel page, Moya's crew handed Stark a "spare transport pod" and waved him on his merry way. < shrug > Who are we to argue with the official page?

At any rate, Stark reappeared out of the blue in The Locket with news of D'Argo's son Jothee. He and Zhaan, ah, bonded, then he immediately got himself killed in The Ugly Truth. Only to reappear equally out of the blue for the roller coaster of Liars, Guns and Money. And take off again to "hunt for Zhaan's spirit" at the end of The Choice. And reappear again in fourth season.... < shrug >All bets are off with Stark; your guess is as good as ours.

Q: Hey. Don't tell me Crichton could survive in vacuum for as long as he did during
Look at the Princess 2. I'm just not buying it!
A: Actually, it's just barely possible. Totally aside from the question of subjective time, and how long that sequence really took in real life, John could have survived up to 30 seconds in vacuum, as long as he did not take a breath before stepping off the transport. Check out the Explosive Decompression and Vacuum Exposure Page for further details. Given that John had to have been EVA more than once, and has extensive experience in space, we can assume he knew enough to manage in free-fall and in vacuum long enough to get to the next satellite. No matter how Wile E. Coyote that may have seemed.

Q: So where did Jothee disappear to? I turn my back, and the kid's gone!
A: If you missed Suns and Lovers, then yeah, Jothee would've been history the next time you looked. After having his son back for a few episodes, courtesy of the Liars, Guns and Money arc, D'Argo figured out that Jothee had gotten waaay too personal with his soon-to-be-stepmother Chiana (which wasn't hard, since neither of them are even halfway decent liars). He denounced both as traitors, branding Jothee with the wedding tattoo he'd intended for himself and Chiana, and then wouldn't speak to them unless absolutely forced to. Before they left their current port, Jothee did the only smart thing possible and jumped ship, bidding good-bye to his dad and Chiana for at least the time being. He is presumably making his own way in the Uncharted Territories, avoiding Peacekeepers and getting used to his freedom.

We expect to see them on Springer! with Aeryn and John any day now.

Q: Where did Zhaan go? Is she really gone? Is she coming back?
When? When? Please say when!
A: Yes, Zhaan is really gone, as in dead. But please remember, in the Uncharted Territories, dead isn't as permanent as it is elsewhere--- witness Stark coming back from it, as well as Aeryn Sun. Zhaan, dying already from the sacrifice that brought Aeryn back, sacrificed herself to save the lives of the crew, in an act of grace that was completely her own choice. There have been hints that she is still looking out for her former comrades (her mirror reflection in an empty room after her death, and Stark's belief that she's still watching over them). So don't give up hope of ever seeing her again (as we did in John Quixote). In cases like this, you never know....

Officially, Virginia Hey asked to be released from her contract due to the stress of performing in full make-up for such a long period of time (and the deep desire not to be bald anymore). TGUT and her fans wish her all the best.

Q: So, how did Princess Screech-a-lot -- otherwise known as Jool --
ever survive long enough to become a crew member? And why'd she leave?
A: It probably helped that she was comatose when she was brought on board. While on some kind of Grand Tour (and TGUT categorically denies that it was through our agency!), Jool apparently went poking around a Noatian gem mine and pissed off the wrong people. She was kidnapped/arrested and played in cryosleep. While waiting for Jool, her two cousins feel ill and were sent into cryosleep. They were being 'stored' at the medical clinic where John got his Scorpy-neural-clone removed; when things went bad and Scorpy made off with some of John's gray matter, one of her cousins became a brain fluid donor for him (ick). Since Jool and her surviving cousin were close tissue matches for John -- possible genetic relatives -- and the medical staff was in no position to object, the crew took the remaining canisters with them when they left. Cousin #2 died upon defrost, of the disease that had been killing him when he was put in storage.

Jool woke up healthy, but with a hellacious attitude problem which marginally improved with time. While she's no good at violence or diplomacy, her xenobiologist's training and ridiculously over-educated background in a number of esoteric sciences made her useful (albeit thoroughly irritating) crew member.

Q: Was I having some kind of double vision or were there two John Crichtons
hanging around? Which one was the real one?!?
A: No, you're not seeing double... well, you are, but it's not your fault. It's the fault of a dude named Kaarvok, who managed to make doubles of Chiana, D'Argo and Crichton while they were aboard 'his' ship. The other two doubles bit the dust, but both Crichtons escaped alive, creating some... interesting social dynamics aboard Moya.

As for who's real... well, it depended on who you listened to. If you asked Jool, she'd tell you that there's no genetic difference between the two Crichtons, and that there's no DNA degradation (as there is in clones) between them either: they are exact copies of each other, and therefore both of them were John. If you asked John Green (for the green shirt) or John Black (for the black shirt), each one would tell you that he is the real original John Crichton. If you ask Aeryn--- well, she 'recreated' with John Black on Talyn, which seems to indicate her POV on the matter. If you ask us? It doesn't matter: they both had little Scorpius echoes in their brain, they were both smart, compassionate, smart-mouthed and played a mean game of Rock-Paper-Scissors --- and both of them hated Crais and Scorpy, love Aeryn, wanted to get home, and tended to get more Southern when riled. You make the call. We're not taking this bet.

And anyway, it became moot in Infinite Possibilities 2: Icarus Abides, when the John on Talyn died stopping a Scarren assault ship from getting crucial information on wormhole weapons. Aeryn mourned him, big time, which made things not-so-easy for the John left behind. And neither did her pregnancy....

Q: So when did Chiana pick up this funky new 'see the future' power?
Did she get anything else in the package? What's with the blindness?
A: As near as we can tell, Chiana acquired her little 5-minute warning when she was possessed by a refugee from an energy being. According to the critter chasing said being, most brains can't handle the input but instead of being blown, Chiana's seems to have kind of expanded. She knows, conciously or subconsciously, when things are going to happen, anywhere from a minute to a few hours in advance -- and the ability seems to be expanding. Chiana's not happy about the whole thing, but she's not nearly as creeped out as her crewmates.

As to what else she got in the package, she seems to to have developed some really debilitating headaches whenever she gets one of her visions. (All jokes re: Cordelia on "Angel" have already been made; give it up.) The theory is that it's a side-effect of the aforementioned brain expansion; her brain is really not built to deal with any of this. (Weren't you listening? We said all the Cordelia jokes have already been made! Sheesh!) She also occasionally does weird things like wake up people who are unconscious under water a 100 yards away by yelling their names; we'll see what that turns out to be.

The post-vision blindness was a later development, as Chiana's powers expanded. She had more voluntary control over her funky new sight -- including built-in slo-mo and instant replay -- but the price is temporary blindness after the fact. Or, not so temporary....

Q: Where'd Jool get off to? And who's this other red-haired
chick with the attitude problem (and questionable taste in allies. I mean, Scorpius?)?
A: Jool left the crew on Arnessk, where she chose to stay behind to help the seriously trapping-in-the-past temple reacclimate to the present tense. It was a dream come true for Jool, but a sad farewell to everyone on Moya, particularly D'Argo, with whom she had grown very, ah, close.

Officially, Tammy MacIntosh, again, seems to have had trouble with the prosthetics. Life on a sci-fi show sucks, and we wish Tammy the absolute best of luck.

As for the new attitudinally-impaired redhead, that's Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu -- just call her Sikozu. Kalish by race, She's an expert on Leviathans, in that she's read every book there is, but she has really poor taste in employers, and almost no field experience. She got picked up by John when pirates tried to take over and kill an ancient Leviathan he was travelling on temporarily, and stuck around rather than go back and face her employers after she betrayed the pirates she was contracted to. Chiana's new hobby seems to be figuring out new ways to take Sikozu down a notch or two, and we can but applaud.

In We're So Screwed 3, we discovered that Sikozu is a genetically enhanced member of the Kalish underground, working against the Scarrens who enslaved them (they needed a race of good little bureaucrats to run things). Evidently, she's the equivalent of a thermonuclear Scarren bomb -- whatever.,p> As for the Scorpius thing? Your guess is as good as ours -- possibly better, since Your Faithful and Open-Minded Tour Guides are squicked beyond belief at the very concept of anyone bonding to Scorpius as closely as Sikozu seems to have. Some kind of mental soul mates thing? We don't know, and we don't want to know. But they do have things in common -- they both think they're smarter than everyone else on the ship, they both have severe personality disorders, and they both have more than slightly questionable fashion sense. Of such things are relationships born.... At least Sikozu left Moya with Scorpius, so whatever they're doing, they're not subjected Our Faithful Crew to it anymore.

Q: Is Granny really as senile as she sounds? Why's she always
blowing powder all over the place? And what's she doing on Moya, anyway?
A: Noranti (her real name is Utu-Noranti-Pralatong, but she gets called Granny, Wrinkles and the Old Lady almost as often as anyone calls her Noranti) is at least as senile as she sounds! But if you were something like 235 years old, we're guessing you'd have left the sane threshold behind a pretty long time ago, too. Especially if you were doing the kinds of drugs Noranti does.... She's definitely been there and seen that -- all of it -- but tends to forget where she put it. As for the powder, it seems to be some kind of mind-altering substance that lets her play with other people's perceptions of time and reality. How? We have no clue. But when she's not using it on her own crewmates for dubious reasons, it can be kind of handy.

What's she doing on Moya? Um, not bathing, cooking badly, doing serious drugs, and messing with John's head. Seriously, no one has any idea; apparently she jumped aboard in the chaos of the carrier explosion/great escape and just decided to hang around. Although D'Argo gets really tempted, no one ever kicked her off, and she's since proven her worth by clinging to her sanity in some pretty tight places, in addition to being a damned knowledgable healer. Plus, she drugged Stark. Where's the bad there?

Q: Speaking of senile, whatever happened to that Scorpius hallucination that was hanging out in John's head? Did John finally get therapy or something?
A: Harvey wasn't a hallucination; he was the remains of the neural chip + personality that Scorpius implanted in John's head way back when he was in the Aurora Chair; the chip went away, the personality stuck around. And it hung around because it literally had no place to go; lacking access to the Ancient who removed the clone from TalynJohn's head, Crichton had reached an uneasy truce with his roommate. Harvey seemed to feel his own survival was wrapped up in John's, and went to some effort to keep him alive. Mind you, his efforts often involved trying to get John to sell someone else out in the interests of his own survival, but Harvey still proved to be useful upon occasion.

Sadly, one of the first things Scorpius did when he came aboard Moya was claim to remove Harvey from John's head -- he didn't of course, but at least John didn't have any little visits for a good long time there. Harvey seems to still be around, but has learned the art of staying silent.

Q: Lo'La is a really cool ship -- where did she come from again?
A: D'Argo gets all the cool toys -- you ever notice that? We object! Particularly in the case of Lo'La, who really does rock the house down. Cloaking device, shields, weapons... she's one bad momma! D'Argo picked her up out of the wreckage of the space station way back in Suns and Lovers, and spent most of the next arn trying to get her to work. He lucked out -- Lo'La only speaks ancient Luxan, and required an ancient Luxan artfact to not do things like blow up if you hadn't read the users manual. After some adventures, D'Argo managed to get himself acknowleged as Lo'La's pilot, and now she'll only respond to his DNA. Which can lead to other members of Moya's crew getting pretty disgusting when they have to fly her.

Q: Okay, so, is Aeryn pregnant or isn't she? Who's the father? One of the John's?
A: Oh, wow. You don't ask easy questions, do you? Okay, try to follow along.

Peacekeepers don't want to lose any of their people unexpectedly to silly things like pregnancy, but they also need their female soldiers to be producing little baby Peacekeepers to be brainwashed and later killed. So female soldiers have the most complicated IUD in the history of the universe -- fertilized eggs are snagged and put into a stasis field inside the mom before she starts to show any effects of pregnancy. Even the moms don't know until they get checked out by PK medics, and only special technology can release the stasis fields, which will hold for seven years.

Thus, Aeryn is actually a little bit pregnant -- she's carrying around a fertilized egg in a stasis field. But, since she didn't find out about that until they were on the PK carrier, she has no idea when in the last seven years she might have conceived. Which leaves the list of known possibles at three -- Velorek, John Crichton pre-split, and TalynJohn post-split -- plus whomever else she recreated with in the meantime. (We make no judgements, we simply state the facts.)

Aeryn was heading off to get the stasis field released when she left John at the end of third season; she ran into complications involving assasinations, heat delirium and Scorpius along the way -- details still aren't too clear. So, she stayed almost pregnant until she was aboard the Peacekeeper carrier in We're So Screwed 3 and had the stasis field released. She informed John of this -- and of his impending daddyhood, as he is the father -- and promptly accepted his marriage proposal.

Q: What really happened to D'Argo's wife Lo'Laan?
A: D'Argo was correct in his belief that Macton Tal, Lo'Laan's brother, murdered Lo'Laan. But an encounter with Macton as a psychic academy of sorts led to a slightly different spin on the tale. Macton is as big a psychopath as we've always assumed, but he had a little help going over the edge. D'Argo and Lo'Laan apparently married at what is considered a far-too-young age for Luxans, since he hadn't gotten full control of the Luxan hyper-rage yet. Lo'Laan promised to tell him -- and leave him --- if he was ever violent towards her and didn't remember afterwards. He was... and she didn't. Macton took the whole thing as vindication of his prejudice against D'Argo, and went chasing off to ruin D'Argo's career and life. Lo'Laan tried to stop him and, in the process, she was stabbed to death. Macton, being a total bastard, framed D'Argo for the crime by brutalizing Lo'Laan's body.

D'Argo is reacting to these revelations fairly calmly -- after leaving Macton trapped in a coma where he's reliving Lo'Laan's death and subsequent desecration over and over and over...