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Q: And just what has Crais got against Crichton, hmmm?
A: Captain Crais held Crichton responsible for the entirely accidental death of Crais's younger brother, Tauvo. The two men had a flyby near-miss two seconds after John came out of the wormhole that shot him to this side of the galaxy, and while the tape replay makes it clear it's an accident, Crais has been the type to hold an unreasonable grudge and revel in it to the point of insanity (and to the point of chasing Moya all over creation in defiance of orders from Peacekeeper command). Of course, towards the end he claims to be completely over it, and might actually have been

Since then, a detente situation developed between him and Moya's crew in Family Ties, which was not helped by Crais's kidnapping of Moya's baby. He and Talyn returned a few times to help Moya or to get help, and actually managed to be useful a few times. But with a Peacekeeper retrieval squad hot on the trail of both Talyn and his renegade captain, association with these two was proving to be dangerous to Moya's health long before their deaths.

Q: Who is Durka, why did he return and is he going to do it again?
A: Durka was the captain of the Zelbinion, the Peacekeeper ship which Moya's crew found the wreckage of in PK Tech Girl, and on which Rygel was first imprisoned. Durka is just a darling man, whose interests include military dictatorships, psychological warfare and torturing prisoners (although, in Rygel's case, we can almost understand the impulse). Rygel found what was thought to be Durka's body on the Zelbinion, but he turned up later, having retreated his sorry butt off the Zelbinion only to be picked up by our favorite goody-goody psychic types, the Nebari. They attempted to recondition him, but failed miserably -- he took Moya hostage until Crichton blew him out a cargo bay airlock.

As for coming back -- well, he showed up in command of the Zenetan pirates in Liars, Guns and Money, but only managed to hold that rank for about two scenes before Rygel handed him his head. Rather literally. We think it's safe to say that a) Durka ain't returning again and b) Rygel is over his Issues.

Q: Who's this Maldis dude, and why do we hate him?
A: Maldis is the equivalent of an interstellar emotional vampire -- he feeds off of anger, fear, agression, all that good Dark Side stuff -- and tends to go to extremes like kidnapping to get good takeout. We hate him because he came close to killing Crichton, after locking him in a small room with Crais (That Old Black Magic). We also hate him because, in order to fight him, Zhaan took the brakes off of her own psyche, turning her into the lovably unpredictable sometime-psycho she is today. Zhaan and John together took Maldis down on the astral plane, dispersing his essence all over the place.

Not far enough, though --- he was back and kicking in Picture If You Will, out for revenge, psychic torture, and munchies, as usual. By the skin of their teeth Moya's crew managed to smack him down again, but as Zhaan very uncomfortingly says, beings like this just don't die. Look for him to recombine those pesky molecules and insinuate his way back among our intrepid heroes after a little time has passed, and they've had a chance to forget how much they hate this guy (we won't, though. No way!).

Q: Scorpius seems... charming. What's his story?
A: He's not your average PK charmer, that's for sure. Scorpy is half Sebacean, half Scarran--- a mix not exactly approved of by the PK's, if you remember, and the Scarrans don't seem real fond of him either. He's the product of an 'experimental' Scarren rape of a Sebacean woman; he was 'raised' by a Scarren who seems to have taught him everything he knows about torture -- by example. Scorpy's Scarran half craves heat, and his Sebacean half loathes it, so he's in a constant state of metabolic flux, so he needs an insulation suit to retain body heat, but he has cooling rods inserted into his head in order to keep his brain cool. Too bad none of this makes him any more sympathetic.

Scorpius worked for the Peacekeepers as a Pain Technician -- aka torturer--- and research specialist, and seemed to have a lot invested in making the Aurora Chair (Mental Dental Chair from Hezmana) work. These days, however, he's concentrating on wormhole technology--- to the point of tagging John with a 'nanochip' designed to download information about wormholes from John's subconscious. Ruthless and ambitious, he's responsible for getting Crais declared Irreversibly Contaminated--- mostly so he could get the guy's ship! (Which he promptly lost of Commandant Grayza, proving the existence of karma.) He's got a full-on hatred thing for Scarrens going, and likes to preach about how he's trying to develop wormhole technology before the Scarrens to keep them from taking over the universe.

Because of his mixed background, Scorpius can see into some portion of either the ultraviolet or infrared spectrum, since he knew John was not Sebacean at first sight; and he's stronger than your average Sebacean. His first assistant, Niem, didn't appear to be a hybrid Scarran/Sebacean, and neither did his second--- so we have reason to hope that Scorpy's the only one of his kind out there.

Q: How is Xhalax Sun related to Aeryn? Where is she now?
And whatever happened to Aeryn's dad, Talyn?
A: Xhalax Sun is Aeryn's mommy, the same one who snuck in to see her little girl in the creche, against orders, when she was seven years old. She's also the Peacekeeper Officer in charge of the retrieval force sent out to bring back Talyn and Captain Crais. In the process of retrieving the errant gunship and squirrely commander, Aeryn and Xhalax faced off, with Xhalax disgusted at Aeryn's defection from the PK's, and Aeryn challenging her with her own history in defying High Command. Xhalax informed Aeryn that she paid a high price for her rebellion: after her superiors learned of her visit to Aeryn, they demanded that she prove her loyalty to the Peacekeeper Corps by killing her lover, Talyn. Despite this, Aeryn couldn't bring herself to kill Xhalax when circumstances demanded it. John and Crais intervened, but Crais let her instead of killing her.

She turned up again on areally weird planet and tried to mind-frell Aeryn with an imposter pretending to be her father, apparently just to mess with her daughter before killing her. Aeryn was a little busy mourning the sescond Crichton, but she might have actually been getting through to mom -- before Crais intervened again and this time fired, sending Xhalax on a long fall off a tall tower. Still, we'll believe Aeryn's mother is dead when we see the body. In our experience, the Sun women are harder to kill than that.

As for Talyn Sr., we have no clue where he really is. Xhalax claims she really did kill him but, again, we want to see a body.

Q: So. Scarrens. Lack of good dental coverage makes them
want to take over the universe or what?
A: Well, it certainly hasn't won them many friends in the Uncharted Territories, that's for sure. An unholy blend of halitosis and mind attacks, their breath is only one of teh many things to loathe about these guys. There's also the inclination towards torture and the fixation on conquering everything in the paths. They seem to be really deadly enemies with the Sebaceans, but then, that's pretty much anyone who's ever met the Peacekeepers, so it's not really a distinguishing characteristic. What are their specific goals? Universal domination seems to cover it.

The fundamental weakness of the Scarren race lives in their dependence on mental steroids found in the Crystherium flower (which apparently grows on Earth, where it is known as a bird-of-paradise); it is these steroids that let the Scarrens get smart enough to go into space and begin beating up all the smaller kids. Crichton and company managed to destroy what may have been the only growing ground of these flowers, so who knows what the future will hold for the Scarrens.

[The writers, by the way, are possibly even more diabolical that previously suspected. Kiki's eagle-eyed baby brother, Spawn of Chaos' Parents, spotted birds-of-paradise in the background of the Scarrens' room in Look at the Princess 2. Coincidence, or coolness? You be the judge (until your Friendly and Persistent Tour Guides manage to nail a writer to the wall and demand answers).]

Q: What's up with Commandant Cleavage and the sweat thing?
And are we going to keep being subjected to it?
A: The sweat thing is apparently how Mele-On Grayza, Our Current Least Favorite Peacekeeper, likes to operate her chain of command -- it's how she exudes Heppel oil from an implanted gland. The oil makes men's minds turn into hormonal mush, and makes Your Faithful and Deeply Digusted Tour Guides search around for a Qualta blade. Or a really big rock. But it apparently works for her -- she's high up enough to have been able to give Scorpius orders, and to take over where he left off in the Search for Crichton. (for as long as she stays alive, anyway; the genetic re-engineering necessary cut her projected lifespan considerably.)

Since Crichton found a way around the oil, and royally humiliated Commandant Cleavage in the process, she's out for his blood, among other things. But she was also deeply involved in forming some kind of peace with the Scarrens -- no matter what the cost. Braca finally managed to wrest command away from her when she started getting actively suicidal, but don't count this lady (and I use the term loosely) down yet.

Q: Braca got promoted? How in hezmana did that happen?
A: You're asking us?! We can't figure out how Miklo has survived this long! But apparently good help really is hard to find, since he seems to have made captain sometime after Grayza took Scorpius down. He also seems to be enjoying his minionhood a lot more this time around. < shudder > But if I was Grayza, I'd look out -- we know what happened to his previous two COs.....

And we were right. Braca was acting as a double-agent, passing information on to his real boss, Scorpius. Ever think you'd be impressed by the little weasel's loyalty? But he was in command of the Peacekeeper carrier until Scorpius returned.

Q: Is there anyone in the universe who isn't
trying to get their hands on wormhole technology?
A: As far as we can tell? Nope. Unless they just don't know about it, in which case they'll probably be joining in the chase as soon as they get the word. < rolling eyes >

Q: Okay, what the frell is up with Scorpius? Alive, dead, alive, prisoner, dead, hitchhiking.... My head hurts. Explain, please?
A: Ya know, we at TGUT are also getting kinda tired of the eternal question: is Scorpius dead and, if not, why the hezmana not?!?

Cleavage and Braca were hauling Scorpius around ebcause they seemed to have held him personally responsible for the destruction of the command carrier -- which he kind of was, since he was the one who agreed to the truce that let Moya's crew aboard. He was doing it to get the wormhole information from John, but things kind of blew up in his face. So to speak. Cleavage apparently took over in the aftermath, and we got the delight of seeing Scorpy locked into his own Aurora Chair, to the severe detriment of his physical and mental well-being. It would have been cool if Commandant Cleavage wasn't so, so, so far beneath him on the relative scale of villainy.

Still, he somehow managed to dig his butt out of his own grave when they got tired of him, and show up in time to rescue Aeryn, using her as his ticket to asylum on Moya. Weren't nobody happy about it, except maybe Sikozu, who seems to have bonded with him < shudder >, and he's not telling anyone why he's there except the perennial favorite -- to keep John and the wormhole knowledge out of Scarren hands, or anyone else's. All Moya's crew cared about for a while there was figuring out how to make a cell he can't walk out of. Thankfully, they have managed to palm him back off on the Peacekeepers, and can breathe a sigh of Scorpy-free relief.

Q: How did they create that bizarre clicking and backwards-sounding speech for
Aeryn's native tongue in A Human Reaction?
A: Nicholas Breslin, the Dialogue Editor for this episode, e-mailed the Tourist's Guide and explains it all here.

Q: Um, hello? Did we miss something? The first episode of the second season, Mind the Baby, seemed to start in the middle of the plot. Either that, or I was out getting popcorn when it started....
A: Yes, you did miss something. But it's not your fault. "Re:Union" was filmed and was supposed to air first. But the producers decided it would be better to broadcast the second ep as the first one of this season (series, for you Brits), and re-film "Re:Union" with a new 'framing' plot around it, so it could air as a flashback episode later that year. Dream A Little Dream, the modified episode, aired June 23, 2000. "Re:Union" itself, as originally edited, aired June 01, 2001.

Q: Right, so, what was up with the Sci-Fi Chick? Did they think we'd like her
better if they dressed her like a Peacekeeper?
A: Beats the hezmana out of us. For those of you who are watching FARSCAPE on channels other than Sci-Fi Channel, the Sci-Fi Chick was the ubiquitous commercial interruption device used to warn the audience that "FARSCAPE continues" (so we should turn our VCR's back on now, the advertisements are over). Second season, she got a ducktail haircut and was wearing black leather. (Whatever!) We suspect she's not a real person. We suspect she's a computer-animated video mannequin who used to have a really annoying tag line ("You are not permitted to leave Sci-Fi Prime"), and still gets on our nerves. We also suspect we aren't the target demographic for this particular video icon, either. If she appeals to anyone out there, let us know. We'd like some proof that she's got a purpose other than irritating your Tour Guides.

Actually, she seems to have gone the way of the dodo for the last part of second season, for which we give deep and profound thanks. Wow, we hated her. Almost as much as we hated Sikozu crawling all over everyone in the fourth season bumpers.

Q: Why do you two keep giggling every time Francesca Buller's name is in the credits? And what is her name doing in the credits that often, anyway?
A: Aside from her status as Ben Browder's wife, Francesca Buller has the distinction of being the only actor (as far as we know) to appear in all four seasons of Farscape, in four different roles. She appeared as bone-eating Em-Lee in Bone to Be Wild [Season 1]; slightly-psycho servant ro-NA in Look at the Princess 1&2 [Season 2]; severely ADD con artist Raxil in Scratch N' Sniff [Season 3] and most recently as Scarren Minister of War Akhna in Bringing Home the Beacon, as well as several other episodes. Your Faithful and Highly Entertained Tour Guides are totally impressed by Francesca's ability to play four entirely different breeds of psycho under four entirely different makeup jobs; her presence always guarantees some fun down the road.

Q: Any news on the fifth season? The mini-series? Will we get more Farscape in 2004?
A: Although Sci-Fi Channel announced October 1, 2001 that they'd picked the show up for two more full 22-episodes seasons, bringing the total to five, Executive Producer David Kemper announced in a chat September 6 that Sci-Fi had backed out of that contract.

While we at TGUT were shocked and horrified at Sci-Fi's decision to turn its back on one of the few (good) original programs it still airs, particularly when that show was been so consistently so well-written and performed, we are delighted to report that yes, there is a 4-hour miniseries on the horizon! According to a Sci-Fi Channel press release:

"SCI FI announced it will be bringing back Farscape with an all-new miniseries called Farscape: Peacekeeper War slated to air in the fourth quarter of this year. The four-hour miniseries picks up where the cliffhanger series finale left off and will reunite John Crichton (Ben Browder), Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) and the rest of the Moya crew.

"Farscape creator Rockne O'Bannon and executive producer David Kemper wrote the miniseries, which was directed by Brian Henson. Peacekeeper War was produced by the Jim Henson Company and Hallmark Entertainment, and executive produced by Robert Halmi Jr."

While Your Faithful and Disgusted Tour Guides admit to feeling great bitterness towards Sci-Fi for implying it had anything to do with bringing Farscape back aside from airing the mini-series, we are still delighted at the upcoming return of Our Brave and Psychotic Crew (and their amazing behind-the-scenes support team). Keep visiting Save Farscape for more news, campaign information, and general cool stuff. Above all, keep fighting the good fight, people -- Crackers Do Matter!

Q: How do I get TGUT to link to me?
A: TGUT doesn't even attempt to keep a list of every single Farscape link out there; there's just too many of them! We try to choose links that are unique, or that provide an excellent general overview of the show. Send us your links, but if we don't put them up, it's nothing personal.

Q: Can I link to TGUT? Do you guys have a banner?
A: Absolutely link to us -- we love it when people link to us, it gives us a great big happy! But please, get our name right -- The Tourist's Guide to the Uncharted Territories -- and link to our front page at http://perriverse.dreamhost.com/farscape/.

As for banners, we at TGUT are anti-banner for various reasons; we don't use them ourselves. If you just hate using plain text links, feel free to snag one of the buttons or banners below (but please copy them to your own server instead of linking directly to them here).

Q: How do I submit fanfic to TGUT?
A: Actually, there's very little point these days -- the archive is effectively shut down to new submissions. We suggest taking a trip over to the Leviathan Automatic Archive for a good home for your fic.