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The Desert Tour

For the Serious Sunbathers and Sand Enthusiasts!
That's right! TGUT is offering our Dry and Hot Tour once again this year!
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Kick back in the dunes of the planet that's known for nothing else. Watch the exotic giant sandworms shimmy by as you soak up the rays, and leave your mind behind while sipping the drinks made from the spice that lets jump pilots navigate the stars!
For the more spiritually inclined seekers, we have the pilgrimage to ShiKahr, the temple where you can separate yourself from all emotional impulses. But why do that, when you can bask in the reflected glare of Vulcan's two moons, even at night? (Please bring your own ceremonial robe if you wish to participate in any meditation exercises.)
Ride a sand cow, sample the home-brew and get to know the isolated and friendly beings of this lonely outpost. For a nominal fee, local guides will take you to the ancient temples of Ra. (If you wish to depart from the tour group at this point, the local Stargate will whisk you back to TGUT's offices. For a small extra charge.)
Dam Ba Da
Blasted, desolate, with a funky population of local transients --- what makes this place special? The waves of Ionic radiation! No other place boasts photogasmic rays like this one does! Those who do not bring their own goggles will have to purchase them from Furlow, of Furlow's Ship Shop and Detailing Centre, or rent them from TGUT.
For the traveler interested in having an adventure -- we invite you to Tattoine! Compete in the Pod races! Zoom across the desert sands in a vehicle a child could pilot! Earn big money in the gambling establishments formerly owned by Jabba the Hut! Ride a Bantha, and get the deals of a lifetime on droids, drugs, hardware and firearms at the Jawa and Tuskan Raiders outlets! If you can't have fun here, it's your own fault!