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The Archeological Tour

Visit the Past in the Present!
For those who love to explore the past (or just like the treasures
that got buried in it) TGUT will take you to the premiere
archeological sites in the galaxy. Join us as we journey to:

The City on the Edge of Forever
Not much as planets go, but the Guardian of Time holds the secrets to every possible future, past, and present there is, for the ultimate entertainment experience! Watch your past, someone else's, or dare the impossible and jump into the timestream! (TGUT takes no responsibility for those who can't swim back to their moment of departure).
Blasted, wrecked, ruined--- and for thousands of years, home to the Shadows, one of the most chaotic and technologically advanced species this side of the Galactic Rim. Explore the ruins looking for lost treasures of weaponry and science, hike across the surface and photograph the never-seen cities of the First Ones, or search the canyons for the lair of Lorien, the legendary Oldest and Most Annoying Being in the Universe!
Alderaan Asteroid Cluster
Remnants of the once-proud planet of Alderaan swirl about the ship as you pay your respects to the departed 2 billion people sacrificed by the Empire at the Citadel Rebel Memorial satellites. While scavenger ships trawl through the debris in search of priceless mementos of this vanished world (available through our on-line catalog), you can test your reflexes and skill in the Rebel Rout Asteroid Course, piloting an X-Wing fighter between the shifting meteors to the finish line!
"The Place of Our Legacy" holds the keys to the Stargates, the periodic table, and some really nifty holographic tricks, too! Stop by the Castle on the Cliffs for a chance to marvel at the Stonehenge of the galaxy, as well as the Asgard & Nox Gift Shop, where you can pick up charming replicas of the Pedestal of Knowledge and copies of "That Meaning Of Life Stuff" by Dr. Daniel Jackson (Earth), official translator for Heliopolos.
The Wreck of the PKS Zelbinion
Lost for over 100 cycles, and now in the process of being restored to its former glory! TGUT is proud to be the sole tour agency permitted to show off this historic vessel, which was victim of an unexplained attack in the Uncharted Territories. Many famous (and infamous!) personages met their final fate on this ship, and ships' berths are still available for those who wish to stay aboard for the Zelbinion's 120th Anniversary Ball! (Black tie and formal dress only; rentals available through the TGUT Gift Shop).