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The Prison Tour

Relive the Great Escapes!
TGUT has visited every prison in the galaxy, and we can prove it! Check out these
model institutions to see where the universe's deadliest dudes end up when caught.
(Fees for Escape Attempt Tours are triple the ticket price at the time of purchase).

Natu Political Prison
Unless you take our tour, there's no way outta here--- this volcanic moon can only be reached via crash-landing on the blasted surface, and seeking shelter from the poisoned atmosphere in natural caves. Once underground, you'll meet the amiable and dedicated minions of Sokar, renegade Goa'uld System Lord (known to his close friends as Satan). Thread your way through the multi-level labyrinths, then knock back a glass of Sokar's Blood, for that mind-altering view of your surroundings.
Rura Penthe Hard Labor Camp
For centuries, the enemies of the Klingon Empire have been sent to Rura Penthe to mine dilithium crystals, adjust their attitudes, and contemplate the question: just how cold *is* it when Hell freezes over? Now you can find out for yourself, as you meet and greet renegades from every corner of the Empire and beyond. Bet on the fights, sign up to participate in one, or join the Rura Penthe Death Riot Pros as they go up against the Klingon Warrior's Correctional Facilitation Home Team!
Taran Rau Peacekeeper Penal Colony
Only the worst of the worst get sent to Taran Rau, the Peacekeeper's last stop for the unremittingly unrepentant criminal. Here you can see the scum of the galaxy as they are rehabilitated through the PK's benevolent oversight policies and the use of advanced technology like the Aurora Chair. And as an added bonus, you can experience the excitement of having your memories excavated by this extraordinary device for only a small fee.
Leviathan Peacekeeper Prison Transport
Welcome aboard a tamed biomechanoid Leviathan! Better than any other cruise, this jaunt will show you just what the PK's are capable of, as you explore the multiple decks of this detention showpiece and observe the orderly rhythms and restraints imposed on other species. Meet the Pilot, sample the food cubes eaten by a dozen species, and then stand on our Terrace and marvel at the astronomical wonders visible to any prisoner with a window. A Must See!
Weyland-Yutani Maximum Security Work-Correctional Facility
Join us at Fury 161 -- a prison, oh yes, but this desolate world is also a monastery and a wildlife sanctuary. Join in the ritual chastity chants, get your head shaved to fit in with the natives (and avoid pesky vermin contamination), and play Hide-and-Seek with the only surviving Queen of the most predatory species ever encountered! Note: Please do not feed the aliens. Or offer to bear their children....
The Grand Moff Tarkin Memorial Penitentiary
Housing more inmates than any other in state-of-the-art facilities, this latest incarnation of the high-tech testimony to the power of the Empire has never had an escape in its 2.3 solar months of operation. Marvel at the impressive security measures, including disappearing walkways, lazer mazes, and of course, trash compactor exits! One of the most coveted guard posts in the quadrant; we know you'll enjoy your visit as much as the inmates! (This stop may be skipped without notice, if your tour falls during the semi-cyclical redecorating by the Rebel Alliance Inc.)