Current Recs

And Then It Ends, Your Little Winning Streak by MachaSWicket
"Oliver and Felicity are slowly making their way back to each other, but they may have run out of time." Plotty, tense Olicity with bonus! Team Arrow awesomeness.

A Strange New Story Every Time by gyzym
[Veronica Mars]
"Ten years clean of Neptune living, Logan's past finds him in an all-night grocery store." Dead-on Veronica/Logan future fic. NC17 towards the end.

Legacy by ash818
"It's 2039, and Jonathan Queen cannot stop looking for trouble. Then trouble finds him and his family, and Jonny discovers that there is more to his parents than he ever suspected. He must learn to bear the weight of his parents' past, and he must learn fast, because time is running out for his mother." Exceptionally well-done future-fic; Jon is a great character and narrator, and the plot and writing are fabulous.

Spectator by FanficAllergy
[The Hunger Games]
"Prim volunteers to take a pregnant Katniss' place in the Seventy Fourth Hunger Games. Peeta vows to make sure Prim comes home alive. Now all Katniss can do is watch and hope that the boy with the bread will keep his word and her sister makes it home. That is until the Capitol finds a way to mess everything up." Katniss's outside POV on the Games gives the AU story a new and cool twist.

Lilies of the Field by Raven (singlecrow)
[Vorkosigan Saga]
"Cordelia," he interrupted, "I presume that at some point you're going to explain how you came to be reading Gregor's prospective mother-in-law's doctoral thesis?" Cordelia and Alys, doing women's work.

Prison Break #24 by Zinnith
[Guardians of the Galaxy]
"Rocket has twenty three successful prison breaks under his belt. This should be easy. Until it's not." Interesting POV on life as an intelligent animal (and the idiocy of other so-called sapient beings).

Diplomacy by turtle_paced
[Guardians of the Galaxy]
"In the aftermath of the attack on Xandar, there's still the original problem of how a bunch of wanted criminals hand over a potentially universe-ending super-weapon (that they definitely aren't terrified of) to the authorities. Preferably without going back to jail. As the only one of the team with skills that can unironically be called "social," Peter thinks this one might be on him." Lovely interstitial bits before the epilogue.

light by songandsilence
[Pacific Rim]
Utterly adorable Raleigh/Mako kidfic.

there's trees in the desert since you moved out by irnan
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
"aka Team America's Excellent Adventure: wherein Natasha Romanov kicks off a road trip and talks about her feelings, Steve Rogers moves back to Brooklyn and learns to kiss (and talks about his feelings), Sam Wilson takes a sabbatical and racks up a simply astronomical cell phone bill (and talks about his feelings), and Bucky Barnes blows people up off-screen and (in a shocking twist) talks about his feelings." I am in love with this story. Excellently in-character Steve/Natasha, with bonus!AoS.

It Takes Two Thieves, a Maniac, and an Assassin... by Eclectic_Goddess
[Guardians of the Galaxy]
"By unspoken agreement, they take turns watching over Groot. It's not an exciting job at first." I have no resistance to Baby Groot. KikiRec

I'm Gonna Do The Things You Do by toadpuff
[Person of Interest]
"Shaw needs a place to stay, and Lewis needs a roommate (and a little protection). A match made in the lowest circle of hell. Set after the events of "Relevance."" Fun outsider POV of Team Machine. KikiRec

Vigil by LtLJ
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
"While waiting for Steve to get out of surgery after the events in The Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson meets two of the other Avengers."

The Flinders Street Gang by Signe (oxoniensis)
[Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries]
"Well, this is certainly a very interesting turn of affairs. Not in the least the way I'd imagined our first night together." Jack and Phryne, in trouble again.

COMM 3259 by eldarwannabe
[Star Trek: AOS]
"COMM 3259 was on her required course list. She didn't expect to end up sitting next to the older guy who was always hanging around Jim Kirk on campus." You don't see a lot of Uhura and Bones fic. This is a good one.

Moves in the Field by icepixie
[The Cutting Edge]
"Walter Dorsey isn't quite sure what his brother sees in Kate Moseley, but he suspects her magnificent slapshot may have something to do with it." Very cute time after the movie from Walter's POV. Excellent Kate and Doug characterization.

Escape Velocity by miss_pryss
[Lilo & Stitch]
"Lilo had been training for the life of a space adventurer since she met Stitch, though David once told her he'd thought she was destined for weirdness -- "I mean greatness" -- even before he came into their lives. "You would have found a way somehow, no matter what," he said."

The People's Servants by Speranza
[The West Wing]
Big Block of Cheese Day, Santos Administration. Short and perfect.

Clint Barton and the Adventures of This, That, and the Whatsit by AlchemyAlice
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
"Clint is totally the John Connor of New York. Until he isn't." Part of a larger series, but stands alone nicely. Clint and the little bots are all adorable. Kikirec

Eight Solid Hours and a Damn Good Mattress by sheafrotherdon
"it's not like it's the first time he's come home and found the kids sprawled on his couch, a criminal conspiracy of sacked-out bodies and tangled limbs, the whole lot of them marking time with some strange, three-part harmony of snoring." Adorable Hardison, Parker and Eliot.

Phantomwise by Fahye
[Alice (SyFy)]
"Hatter's tried to explain the problem that Wonderland folk have with standing between two mirrors, but none of it makes a lot of sense. It's something that you don't do, something to do with memories, and Alice can't quite tell if it's anything more than superstition." Solid adventure.

A Van, With Wood Paneling by missbecky
[Guardians of the Galaxy]
"The Milano just isn't big enough for all of them. Especially not when they're all still learning not to kill each other. And that's not even taking into account how big Groot's gonna get once he's done growing. So with great reluctance, Peter announces that he's in the market for a new ship."

Goes Marching by whetherwoman
[To Kill a Mockingbird]
"In 1965, the issues that affected Scout's childhood are now affecting her children." Truly wonderful future fic.

I Shall Not Want Honour In Heaven by copperbadge
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
"Peggy Carter's life after the war: Howard Stark, Gabriel Jones, SHIELD, and a little boy named Nicholas." Possible-au that could and should be canon, and that fits gorgeously with the universe.

kyle wei, tree whisperer by magneticwave
[Teen Wolf (TV)]
The other Paulson twin shows up and starts shouting about how all of their English teachers dying is a global conspiracy to make sure that none of them graduate, which Mandy takes as an invitation to air her hypothesis (poorly-supported, but hilarious) that next year's graduating seniors are going to have to reenact the season three finale of Buffy before they can collect their diplomas. [Kiki Says: Honestly, I don't think you need to know the series to enjoy this; Harley was in one episode, but she has an affectionate 'you dumbass' attitude to our impulse-control-deficient protagonists.]

the family jewels by owlvsdove
[Agents of SHIELD]
Skye and Trip reproduce. It's utterly adorable. KikiRec


AU -- alternate universe. Stories which diverge from the show's canon in one way or another (a character doesn't die, a character does die, the setting is different, etc).

Babyfic -- A main character is either pregnant, had a baby, or found one on their doorstep. I have a sneaking fondness for many of these, but I'll warn you first.

BDM -- Firefly fandom shorthand for the Big Damn Movie (ie, Serenity). Not the other thing you were thinking; get your mind out of the gutter!

Canon -- facts, settings and relationships verified by what has actually aired on the series in question. Jack O'Neill was a POW, Chris Larabee's wife and son were murdered, Max, Michael and Isabel are aliens, Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborn met long before the campaign -- that's all canon. Anything that fans have inferred without direct evidence or have completely made up is non-canon (and often AU).

Crackfic -- a story with a premise so out there, that it's obvious the author must have been smoking some serious monkeycrack. Crackfics tend to be crossovers or AUs; they will be either brilliant or appallingly bad.

Crossover -- a story based on the characters or universes of two separate fandoms; i.e., The X-Files/Due South, The West Wing/Stargate SG-1, Angel/The Dead Zone, Hercules/Buffy (I'm not making any of these up; in fact, I wrote one of them).

Episode Continuation -- just what it sounds like. A story that fills in a missing scene or continues on from the end of an aired episode. Also known as a tag.

Fanon -- any 'facts' about a character or series that are not supported by the series canon, but have been floating around for so long, or have been used in so much fic, that the majority of the fandom accepts them as truth. Examples: Daniel Jackson's coffee addiction; Duncan MacLeod living in Seacouver.

Gen -- used here to designate a story in which romantic relationships play a minimal to nonexistant role in the plot. Everything I rec may usually be assumed to meet this definition of gen unless otherwise stated.

H/C -- hurt/comfort. Beat your characters up emotionally or physically, then let them make each other all better. See Whumping.

Het -- used here to indicate a story's focus on a romantic relationship between two people of opposite genders (ie, non-slash). Anything with a ship that I rec may be presumed to be het unless otherwise stated.

Id-fic -- possibly not the greatest fic ever written, but systematically pushes every single one of the emotional buttons of the reader. I try to be self-aware enough to warn for these.

Jossed -- a story (or writer) has been jossed when it has been made AU by events in canon after it was written. Named for Joss Whedon, who made a habit of declaring earthquake in Buffy canon so often that writing fanfic within that canon was an exercise in willpower and frustration.

Kidfic -- 1) One or more main characters are reduced to physical childhood (mental/emotional is frequent, but optional). 2) One or more main characters find themselves with custody of one or more small children, ala "Three Men and a Baby". 3) The story centers around the children of one or more main characters (parentage often depends on whom the author ships). Any of these can be fun/WAFFy/cool if done correctly (your odds drop sharply with 3, but I've seen it pulled off). They can also be appallingly bad; approach with extreme caution.

KikiRec -- don't just take my word for it; my sometime partner-in-crime recommended these fics, too.

Mary Sue -- the most hated woman in fanfic. Essentially an original character who is the personification of the author -- only more perfect, beautiful and lovable than the author could ever hope to be. (The male version is thankfully more rare, and known as Gary/Marty Stu.) It can be done well, but 98% of the time, it's not. Also known as a self-insertion character. Note: Original character does not necessarily equal Mary Sue; it depends on the author and the story.

Original Character -- a non-canon character created by, and belonging to, the author.

Pre-slash -- In many slash-heavy fandoms, this categorization is often sooper sekrit code for 'gen'. Anything with this heading may be worth a shot if you're a non-slasher.

POV -- point of view; the character(s) through whose eyes we see the story.

Schmoopy -- containing emotions bordering on the treacly; perhaps a tad overly sweet for the educated palate. But WAFFy as all hell, nonetheless.

'Shipper -- a person or fic dedicated to a particular romantic relationship; i.e., Sam/Jack, Josh/Donna, John/Aeryn.

Slash -- used here to indicate a story's emphasis on a non-canon romantic relationship between two characters of the same gender. Usually labeled m/m or f/f.

Smarm/Swarm -- emphasis on friendship between two or more guys (hugging, h/c, moral support, etc.) without implications of slash.

Smut -- used very affectionately to refer to stories containing NC-17/explicit sex.

UC -- unconventional couple; a romantic pairing not explicitly supported by show canon, or not usually accepted by the majority of the fandom; i.e., Tara/Spike, Carson/Teyla, Chloe/Lex.

WAFF -- warm and fuzzy feeling. That glow of happiness/idiotic grin carried around after reading a particularly sweet/touching scene.

Whumping -- gratuitous physical or mental abuse of a character for the sole (or nearly sole) purpose of setting up H/C (i.e., so everyone else can angst interminably about it). Go read Sarah B's hilarious poem Gunga Dunne to get the real meaning of Whumping.

Willow Sue -- a particularly virulent form of the Mary Sue, in which a canon character is warped beyond all recognition to fulfill the needs/desires of the author, who is severely overidentifying. Named for the most prevalent iteration, but present in most fandoms. (Male form usually known as the Xander or Harry Stu, or a similar variation.)

WIP -- work in progress.

YMMV -- your mileage may vary, which is pretty much the motto of this page. Opinions presented by the reccer don't necessarily reflect yours, and I'm okay with that.