Current Recs

Gravity Sings by MachaSWicket
[Veronica Mars]
"Logan's back from deployment, Veronica's back to working cases, and they're back to figuring out how to make their relationship work, this time as adults with demanding jobs. But when their new normal is disrupted by an unusual missing persons case, Veronica is reminded yet again that nothing ever comes easy in Neptune -- and even with the help of Mac, Keith, and Weevil, solving this case may come at too high a cost." Damn fine longfic, post-movie.

Wish You Were Here by Tassos
[Haven/Criminal Minds]
"When the FBI's BAU follow a serial killer to Haven, Maine, they find that murder and mystery are a lot more complicated in the unassuming sea-side town. The local cops don't want them there, the crime scenes don't make sense, and it doesn't take long for them to get in over their heads." I read this is with minimal knowledge of Criminal Minds, and still totally loved it.

fighting vainly the old ennui by Fahye
[Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries]
(In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief.) [Kiki Says: Is all things I love in an AU, and is just *delightful*. Excellent Jack POV, and great use of poetry and quotes.]

This, You Protect by owlet
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
"The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect" Bucky relentlessly protecting Steve from a distance, with constant, sarcastic, hilarious, occasionally touching internal play-by-play, bonus!Avengers, and terrific OCs.

The Great Friendship Caper by galaxysoup
[Person of Interest]
"Finch comes up with a way to curb Leon's tendency to wind up in trouble. Unfortunately for Reese, the NYPD, and several (mostly) innocent bystanders, it involves socializing." Very very funny, and yet totally in character all around.

To see you grow by leli1013
[Pacific Rim]
Mako and Pentecost build their relationship. Second in a series, but this is the strongest of the stories (although I like the others a lot), and stands alone.

For These I Watch Tonight by leupagus
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
Dum had once been arrested for wrestling a bear in a zoo and Jacques climbed trees as a relaxation technique, so Peggy really shouldn't have been surprised when she found herself in the forest three hours later with some mushrooms Jim had scrumped from somewhere and a large canvas sheet. [short but absolutely hilarious adventures with the Howling Commandos]

With a Bold Heart by Frea_O
[Arrow/Young Justice]
"The story in which Team Arrow kind of adopts a young Artemis Crock. Like a mascot, but small, human, and mouthy." Background Olicity.

Untitled by ink-splotch
[Harry Potter]
"What if, when Petunia Dursley found a little boy on her front doorstep, she took him in?" As much meta as fic, but an excellent au character study

Rory's Eleventh Hour by roachpatrol
[Doctor Who]
"'Oh god,' Rory moans, still giggling weakly. 'Im trapped in a haunted house with a dead girl and her alien space boyfriend are we are going to be eaten by a giant crazy alien space eel. This is the worst day ever.' 'He's not my boyfriend,' Amy says." Short and funny au.

We're Just A Bunch Of Space Cases by hariboo
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
An ill-advised bet leads to ill-advised science, or, Jane and Tony build a warp drive. ALL of the laughs.

Bird School Selfie by Frea_O
"The team is given some much needed R&R while Oliver recovers from a near-fatal wound. When Sara invites them to stay at one of her safe houses, she doesn't realize how much that means letting them into her life." Girl-bonding (and bonus!Diggs), FTW!

Code Indigo by pendrecarc
[Person of Interest]
"Surprising, the things you can get up to once you're dead." An intriguing and well-designed AU

In the Not Too Distant Future by shadydave
[Pacific Rim]
"All that time living in the past, I never thought about the future until now. My timing has always been terrible." Solid post-movie fic with "minor plot-hole spackling".

Frequently Asked Questions by mad_maudlin
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
"You appear to have some kind of chronic amnesia, such that you keep asking everybody these questions every five minutes, so I drove you over here and wrote you this awesome FAQ. You're welcome." [Kiki Says: I don't even know the basic premise of 'Secret Avengers', but this is hilarious and awesome and friendshippy.] Putting this in MCU even though its more comics based, because easier.

Copycat by IamShadow21
[White Collar]
"Peter busts into a dingy apartment, expecting to find the artist behind a forgery racket. That's exactly what he finds, but the artist in question isn't anything like the sort of person he expected to find, and rather than having answers, he's got a far bigger mystery to solve. An AU where things are very different, but the important things are the same."

Isn't This Nice? by cat_77
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
"Escorting three politicians to a SHIELD-sponsored meeting goes horribly wrong, as these things are wont to do." Team-centric adventure with excellent Hawkeye POV.

Some Unexpected Properties of Wood by Fahye
"Sometimes the story elbowed its wild way into your real, comfortable, unmagical existence, and then set about breaking the crockery."

Communion of Saints by rthstewart
[Chalion Saga]
When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Saints can find communion but may have to crawl over rough ground to get there.

Snowblindness by CloudAtlas
[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
"They were in the Central Alps in Austria, in December at night fall, because if Clint Barton was going to be compromised, he was going to do it properly. And apparently that meant doing so in stupidly inaccessible places in the snow." Or, Clint gets saved by the rescue mission from hell. Pre-canon


AU -- alternate universe. Stories which diverge from the show's canon in one way or another (a character doesn't die, a character does die, the setting is different, etc).

Babyfic -- A main character is either pregnant, had a baby, or found one on their doorstep. I have a sneaking fondness for many of these, but I'll warn you first.

BDM -- Firefly fandom shorthand for the Big Damn Movie (ie, Serenity). Not the other thing you were thinking; get your mind out of the gutter!

Canon -- facts, settings and relationships verified by what has actually aired on the series in question. Jack O'Neill was a POW, Chris Larabee's wife and son were murdered, Max, Michael and Isabel are aliens, Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborn met long before the campaign -- that's all canon. Anything that fans have inferred without direct evidence or have completely made up is non-canon (and often AU).

Crackfic -- a story with a premise so out there, that it's obvious the author must have been smoking some serious monkeycrack. Crackfics tend to be crossovers or AUs; they will be either brilliant or appallingly bad.

Crossover -- a story based on the characters or universes of two separate fandoms; i.e., The X-Files/Due South, The West Wing/Stargate SG-1, Angel/The Dead Zone, Hercules/Buffy (I'm not making any of these up; in fact, I wrote one of them).

Episode Continuation -- just what it sounds like. A story that fills in a missing scene or continues on from the end of an aired episode. Also known as a tag.

Fanon -- any 'facts' about a character or series that are not supported by the series canon, but have been floating around for so long, or have been used in so much fic, that the majority of the fandom accepts them as truth. Examples: Daniel Jackson's coffee addiction; Duncan MacLeod living in Seacouver.

Gen -- used here to designate a story in which romantic relationships play a minimal to nonexistant role in the plot. Everything I rec may usually be assumed to meet this definition of gen unless otherwise stated.

H/C -- hurt/comfort. Beat your characters up emotionally or physically, then let them make each other all better. See Whumping.

Het -- used here to indicate a story's focus on a romantic relationship between two people of opposite genders (ie, non-slash). Anything with a ship that I rec may be presumed to be het unless otherwise stated.

Id-fic -- possibly not the greatest fic ever written, but systematically pushes every single one of the emotional buttons of the reader. I try to be self-aware enough to warn for these.

Jossed -- a story (or writer) has been jossed when it has been made AU by events in canon after it was written. Named for Joss Whedon, who made a habit of declaring earthquake in Buffy canon so often that writing fanfic within that canon was an exercise in willpower and frustration.

Kidfic -- 1) One or more main characters are reduced to physical childhood (mental/emotional is frequent, but optional). 2) One or more main characters find themselves with custody of one or more small children, ala "Three Men and a Baby". 3) The story centers around the children of one or more main characters (parentage often depends on whom the author ships). Any of these can be fun/WAFFy/cool if done correctly (your odds drop sharply with 3, but I've seen it pulled off). They can also be appallingly bad; approach with extreme caution.

KikiRec -- don't just take my word for it; my sometime partner-in-crime recommended these fics, too.

Mary Sue -- the most hated woman in fanfic. Essentially an original character who is the personification of the author -- only more perfect, beautiful and lovable than the author could ever hope to be. (The male version is thankfully more rare, and known as Gary/Marty Stu.) It can be done well, but 98% of the time, it's not. Also known as a self-insertion character. Note: Original character does not necessarily equal Mary Sue; it depends on the author and the story.

Original Character -- a non-canon character created by, and belonging to, the author.

Pre-slash -- In many slash-heavy fandoms, this categorization is often sooper sekrit code for 'gen'. Anything with this heading may be worth a shot if you're a non-slasher.

POV -- point of view; the character(s) through whose eyes we see the story.

Schmoopy -- containing emotions bordering on the treacly; perhaps a tad overly sweet for the educated palate. But WAFFy as all hell, nonetheless.

'Shipper -- a person or fic dedicated to a particular romantic relationship; i.e., Sam/Jack, Josh/Donna, John/Aeryn.

Slash -- used here to indicate a story's emphasis on a non-canon romantic relationship between two characters of the same gender. Usually labeled m/m or f/f.

Smarm/Swarm -- emphasis on friendship between two or more guys (hugging, h/c, moral support, etc.) without implications of slash.

Smut -- used very affectionately to refer to stories containing NC-17/explicit sex.

UC -- unconventional couple; a romantic pairing not explicitly supported by show canon, or not usually accepted by the majority of the fandom; i.e., Tara/Spike, Carson/Teyla, Chloe/Lex.

WAFF -- warm and fuzzy feeling. That glow of happiness/idiotic grin carried around after reading a particularly sweet/touching scene.

Whumping -- gratuitous physical or mental abuse of a character for the sole (or nearly sole) purpose of setting up H/C (i.e., so everyone else can angst interminably about it). Go read Sarah B's hilarious poem Gunga Dunne to get the real meaning of Whumping.

Willow Sue -- a particularly virulent form of the Mary Sue, in which a canon character is warped beyond all recognition to fulfill the needs/desires of the author, who is severely overidentifying. Named for the most prevalent iteration, but present in most fandoms. (Male form usually known as the Xander or Harry Stu, or a similar variation.)

WIP -- work in progress.

YMMV -- your mileage may vary, which is pretty much the motto of this page. Opinions presented by the reccer don't necessarily reflect yours, and I'm okay with that.