Veronica Mars

A&B Song by Devil Piglet
A crackling (sadly AU) short fic set about halfway through season 2. Logan, Weevil and Veronica, sitting around bouncing banter off each other's heads. Gotta love it.

Dark Places Where Monsters Dwell by Troll Princess
A dark AU future fic for the Apocalyptothon. Lots and lots of character death, and Mac and Dick forced to move forward together. Somehow she makes Dick sympathetic while still leaving him as... well, Dick. Very dark, very well written, utterly spectacular. (For a different take, try the Dark Places Where Monsters Dwell (Secrets and Lies Remix) by soundingsea.)

The Enemy You Know by kieyra
You don't see a lot of Veronica/Weevil fic, but kieyra not only goes there, she does it in style. Both characters could have come directly off the screen -- their POVs and dialogue are perfect, and the chemistry between them plays out beautifully, almost inevitably. In the process, Kierya also addresses Veronica's rape and the aftermath, and Weevil's relationship with Lilly, in ways that deviate significantly from the show, but come off as absolutely plausible. No matter how dubious you are about the ship, try this -- kieyra will make you a believer. (AU after Mars vs Mars.)

Ever the Same by Calliope
I've been in the mood for some good Veronica/Weevil, and this one fits the bill nicely. Great insight into Veronica's head, a nice little love story, and the "call log" alone is worth the price of admission.

fresh out of horses by malisita
I really miss Weevil. You know, cool, macho, vulnerable, awesome Weevil of first and second seasons? Well, at least there's good fic. Set in the summer after first season, this is a great, atmospheric bit of Weevil/Veronica that absolutely hits the spot.

Ghost World by alixnoorchis
Dick and Mac and the healing power of video games, post Not Pictured. A surprising juxtaposition that works perfectly; Mac and Dick's odd connection is completely in-character for them both. (Link now correct.)

Gravity Sings by MachaSWicket
"Logan's back from deployment, Veronica's back to working cases, and they're back to figuring out how to make their relationship work, this time as adults with demanding jobs. But when their new normal is disrupted by an unusual missing persons case, Veronica is reminded yet again that nothing ever comes easy in Neptune -- and even with the help of Mac, Keith, and Weevil, solving this case may come at too high a cost." Damn fine longfic, post-movie.

Home Is Where the Heart is by shealynn88
Heartbreaking future-fic, centered around Lilly Kane (no, the baby one). After five years, the law finally catches up with Duncan; his small daughter returns to Neptune and grandparents she never knew and doesn't want. Not a shiny happy future, but a hopeful one, nonetheless.

Hollywood Makeover by marylane23
"But even if it is growth and reconciliation through schlock, they'll take what they can get." A fun story that simultaneously skewers Movies of the Week, and gives Logan, Veronica and Duncan some touching and plausible common ground. AU and awesome. KikiRec

In Between the Past and Future Town by petpluto
"Logan and Lilly both die on October 3rd. But for Veronica, it's not like they're gone. And she still works to solve their murders." Spooky, sad, excellent au. Veronica/Eli

(Inner) Conflict Resolution by strongly_worded
This is another awesome match-up of Dick and Mac coping with the summer after Cassidy's death. The story is straightforward and completely lacking in melodrama, but it suits the two characters and their odd bond perfectly. Dick's voice is absolutely incredibly dead-on perfect, and yet you still kind of like the guy.

Requiem for Uncomplicated by amelia_kay
A season 2 coda inside Dick's head. It's not comfortable, but it is quintessentially Dick, in all his messed-up glory. Strong and spare and nicely voiced.

Speed Trials by Rei Kinneas
There's a legion of post-Season 1 fics, but this is definitely one of the best of the lot. Veronica and Logan and everything that went wrong, and how you get through life by not thinking. Strong, spare and perfect.

A Strange New Story Every Time by gyzym
"Ten years clean of Neptune living, Logan's past finds him in an all-night grocery store." Dead-on Veronica/Logan future fic. NC17 towards the end.

Thrust of Grace by bigboobedcanuck
Filling in the details in the last few minutes of season 2, from Logan's POV. Logan's voice is captured perfectly, and the emotions are almost tangible.

The Wallace Inquisition by Wynn
Veronica's best friend knows her well enough to know what questions he should ask -- and how make her answer. A really great Wallace POV that sounds exactly like him; seeing Veronica through these eyes is a treat. (For more excellent Wallace, try Pieces of You.)

Waypoints by MachaSWicket
Logan and Veronica always navigate back to each other. AU series using some elements of the movie

Where's Waldo by Seanan McGuire
More post Season 2 Logan, bonding with Wallace. Great Logan voice, as one would expect from Seanan.