NCIS: Top Picks

Damage by Ygrawn
Tony expected Ziva to understand his undercover mission with Jeanne better than anyone else. Painful, insightful, funny and brilliant. Tony/Ziva

Refuge by Ygrawn
"There is light, and then there is Trent Kort and that is how Ziva knows Gibbs has come for her. Then there is pain." AU start to season 7, and very well done. Tony/Ziva and lots of Ziva and Gibbs. Part 2 links at the bottom.

Slow Day by Idyll
Some days, even Gibbs' team has nothing to do. Fantastically cute Tony and Abby.

This Never Happens in the J. Edgar Hoover Building by kageygirl
The elevator keeps breaking and Tony and Abby keep getting trapped. Fortunately, they're more than capable of entertaining each other. An adorably funny little gen look at my two favorite characters, with absolutely spot-on voices.

Ten Nonlinear Moves by Sequiter
A wonderful little story of Tony-in-Charge, and his team in all their neurotic glory. There's an almsot-as-brilliant sequel: Ten Incomplete Regressions.

The White Hat Sneakers by Tipper
One of my favorite SGA writers gifts us with an excellent novella: an impressive villain, a neat plot and some absolutely perfect portrayals of the team.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship by kageygirl
A cute little bit of Gibbs and Abby fluff.

Everything to Lose by fractured-fairytale06
Ziva is kidnapped while undercover investigating a drug dealer who kills his clients. Tony immediately begins losing it. Solid Tony/Ziva case file that is tense and emotional without going out of character.

Expectations by Nix
Abby's first day on the job, and a lovely little story it is, with dead-on Abby, Ducky and Gibbs.

5 Ways He Probably Didn't Get Hired by LeDiz
These five ficlets about How Tony DiNozzo Got Hired are of varying quality, but the last one is not only totally worth the price of admission, but hilariously plausible.

fugue in d by sangaa
Post "Twilight" Tony angst, and lots of it, in a spare, powerful style that will get you right in the heart.

Move in Circles by anr
Wonderful Tony/Ziva -- Tony starts with a serious head injury and it all gets awesome from there. Beautiful Tony POV and utterly believable; we should be so lucky as to get this on the show. NC-17

NCIS and the Haunted Computer by Tassos
A short and somewhat fluffy Supernatural crossover, but told in a hilarious deadpan. There's an equally amusing sequel.

Quake by accident
Lovely and slow Tony/Ziva, beautifully written season 9 or 10 fic.

Rictus by Sequitur
How Tony Joined NCIS, Really Dark Version. Long, detailed and quite well-written (both Tony and Gibbs will break your heart), but extremely high on the Tony-whumping, and the angst levels are through the roof. Adult themes, big time.

Sanguis Inimicus by lila-blue
The team is off to the Big Easy, in search of... yup, vampires. The grammar is occasionally questionable, but the characterization is good and the undercover outfits are to die for!

Worth Talking by Voleuse
Abby worries about Tony's lack of dealing, but sometimes all you can do is be there. A lovely take on the aftermath of "Twilight."