Person of Interest

Code Indigo by pendrecarc
"Surprising, the things you can get up to once you're dead." An intriguing and well-designed AU.

Flock Together by galaxysoup
"Reese has Finch. It's only fair that Bear gets someone too." Bwa-ha-ha! Cuteness beyond belief; Reese and Finch are SO BAD at normal stuff

The Great Friendship Caper by galaxysoup
"Finch comes up with a way to curb Leon's tendency to wind up in trouble. Unfortunately for Reese, the NYPD, and several (mostly) innocent bystanders, it involves socializing." Very very funny, and yet totally in character all around.

The Harold Finch Project for the Rehabilitation of Damaged Ex-Government Assassins by Dien
Excellent episode tag with strong characterization of Shaw and Finch (and Bear!). I would ignore the tags.

I'm Gonna Do The Things You Do by toadpuff
"Shaw needs a place to stay, and Lewis needs a roommate (and a little protection). A match made in the lowest circle of hell. Set after the events of "Relevance."" Fun outsider POV of Team Machine. KikiRec

Pen Pal by galaxysoup
"Reese and Sofia keep in touch." And everyone has an opinion on this.

Proximity by therienne
"Sometimes intuition is just a form of higher reasoning we cannot yet parse." Outstanding study of the gang, and particularly The Machine. KikiRec

Torque by LithiumDoll
"Reese goes down, Finch goes missing and Carter is more than a little suspicious. She's not the only one." Wonderful Carter POV (with Fusco backing her up, and bonus!Zoe).