Bait and Switch by ijemanja
When a plan goes wrong, Parker and Sophie have to to come up with an offbeat solution. One the guys think they'll really enjoy.

Eight Solid Hours and a Damn Good Mattress by sheafrotherdon
"it's not like it's the first time he's come home and found the kids sprawled on his couch, a criminal conspiracy of sacked-out bodies and tangled limbs, the whole lot of them marking time with some strange, three-part harmony of snoring." Adorable Hardison, Parker and Eliot.

Friends Are a Lot Like Plants by amaresu
Parker tries to figure this whole 'friends' thing out. Hardison... well, he tries to help.

The Green Light Job by LithiumDoll
LithiumDoll always gives great Leverage, and she delivers an excellent case file here, sending Eliot undercover in prison to protect a client. Excellent dialogue, great Eliot POV, and some really hilarious moments.

How to Win Friends by scarletts-awry
Nate gets himself punched in the head, and Hardison is reminded of the downside to caring. Very good Hardison POV.

If It's Worth Saving Me by VolceVoice
Eliot is saved by a homeless woman, who asks a favor in return. I rec this story (and its sequel, If Today Was Your Last Day) with some reservations, as writing a female OC as a central character is very difficult, and the author manages to pull it off only most of the time. But the take on the team is quite good (the earbug conversations in the second story alone are worth the price of admission, IMO), and VoiceVoice manages to avoid many major pitfalls, while delivering a pretty darn good read. And, since Kiki independently found and read and bookmarked these stories, too, we feel they're probably worth your time. KikiRec

The Influenza Job by james (Gila)
Eliott gets the flu in the middle of a job, and does not cope well. But his team is there to take care of him. Lots of wonderful teamy h/c goodness, whee!

the joy of cooking by ijemanja
"Eliot's making us his suspiciously authentic Thai food." Great team bonding.

The Justice League Job by Eatsscissors
Very cute Hardison POV casefile; the team invades a comicon to save the work of a Golden Age comic artist and his granddaughter. Excellent Hardison, even better Parker, and clearly we're all having too much fun. KikiRec

Keeping Up Appearances During the Holidays by Tassos
"Parker wants to go to the FBI Christmas party." Utterly cute Parker/Hardison, with bonus McSweeten!

The Mangoes and Limes Job by mizzy2k
Quite cute caper with Hardison and Parker; really awesome guest stars.

Movin' Right Along by serenelystrange
Road trip with Eliot, and Hardison and Parker tag along for the ride. Great Eliot characterization, crackling dialogue and charming little bits of business, as well as an end line that should make you laugh a lot.

Oops! by Lady Angel
Very short, very spot on, very funny.

The Princess Bride Job by themonkeytwin
This is a Leverage/The Princess Bride crossover. No, I'm serious. It's cracked out, but logical in its own way, the twists and turns of the movie adjusted to match, well, the way things would have gone if Westley had come to the Leverage team for help retrieving Buttercup from Vinzini. There are a few points where I seriously almost died laughing ("Mawwiage..."), and the voices are scarily perfect throughout. Read This Now.

Reverberate by kshar
Missing scenes from "The Two Live Crews Job" -- the aftermath of the explosion and the planning of Sophie's death. But the story is much more -- it's an unfaltering Nate POV on Sophie, his team, and the subtle ways that they've made himself at home in his life. Perfect characterization; definitely a must-read.

three steps forward, three steps back and whipped by fivil
Two very cute Nate/Sophie ficlets; I particularly adore the commentary by the rest of the team in the second story.

still wearing my slippers (and eat all the candies at home) by with-a-kay
"You eat fortune cookies for breakfast," he says. "Someone's gotta take care of you." Hardison/Parker and almost unbearably sweet. (Courtship is equally spare and adorable.)

The Underwire Job by emeraldwoman and brown_betty
"...if Parker had the slightest idea how to flirt, he would not be right now trying to anaesthetize himself with hops." Eliot is drafted to help Parker. Poor guy.

An Unreliable Narrator by halcyon_shift
"He doesn't think he's better than they are, but okay, what Nate finds a little weird - what Nate finds really weird - is how none of them hold grudges." Very good Nate POV of 'his' team.

Want by ScoutLover
Eliot and Sophia interlude at the end of "The Studio Job".