Pacific Rim

Reconstruction Site by disco_vendetta (brinn)
My favorite post-movie fic; perfect Raleigh and how totally and deeply he loves Mako. Bonus everyone, with both sad and hilarious moments.

Built, Broken, Rebuilt by songandsilence
"'I want to travel,' she breathes, and the back of his neck tingles. 'I feel restless. I want...' Gently, a little hesitantly, she touches her finger to his mouth. 'I want to see the things you've seen. I want to see new things with you.'" Post-movie travelogue -- scenery porn to die for and very sweet Raleigh/Mako.

Homecoming by busaikko and knight_tracer
"Stacker had dissuaded her, gently but firmly, from superstitions. She no longer believed in ghosts, but her actions now were out of respect for the dead. And for the sake of her own memories." Mako takes Raleigh home with her to pay her respects to the dead. Very pretty.

In the Not Too Distant Future by shadydave
"All that time living in the past, I never thought about the future until now. My timing has always been terrible." Solid post-movie fic with "minor plot-hole spackling".

light by songandsilence
Utterly adorable Raleigh/Mako kidfic.

Switch by fmo
"One day a switch comes while Raleigh is working on the Wall in Sitka, and after the switch he finds himself in Japan. And his arm doesn't hurt any more." Intriguing AU-ish.

To Live by jambajunkie
"What if the Kaidonovskys had survived? Sasha and Aleksis learn how to live again in the aftermath of the war - together. This is the story of their happily ever after." Technically AU, but awesome.

To see you grow by leli1013
Mako and Pentecost build their relationship. Second in a series, but this is the strongest of the stories (although I like the others a lot), and stands alone.