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Rules of the Road | Special Handling/Waivers | TGUT Blacklist

Attention All TGUT Flunkies!

The following have proven themselves to be Extreme Risks, Completely Insane
and/or Unable to Play Well With Others. They are therefore barred from any and
all of TGUT's services. (Yes, that does include the bar!)

Any attempt by these individuals and species to book tours should be
immediately reported to Security. See if you can get them to pay first, though.

Individuals | Species

Reason for Blacklisting: Public evangalism, terrorism, playing with things that go 'Boom!'

When she's not imitating a refrigerator magnet, she's proselytizing and/or blowing things up -- all of these are considered by TGUT to be severely anti-social behavior. We at TGUT respect all religions, but the ones that require their followers toblow up our stations and ships are not welcome--- let Borlik and her cult preach to the Galactic Void, see how far she gets.

Reason for Blacklisting: Questionable scientific judgement, dreadful taste in allies, excessive self-preservation, backstabbing tendencies

While we at TGUT can, obviously, appreciate Furlow's total lack of ethics when it comes to business, this chick goes further than we're willing to allow on station. She's too smart to be allowed to roam free, and a little too stupid to live; feel free to space her on sight.

Reason for Blacklisting: Facilitating cannibalism, illegal cloning, torture, kidnapping, murder, and assorted other nasty things we're far too grossed out to list

We aren't interested in having duplicate passengers unless they're paying duplicate fares, and his confusion about what is food and what is a paying entity means that we're sure to lose custom if he books a tour with us! Kill him, space him, or feed him to the nearest hostile entity at his first chance and let him rejoin the Circle of Life that way. (If you don't feel up to it, or you're too busy vomiting, Ka D'Argo and Commander Crichton will be pleased and delighted to handle the situation.)

Reason for Blacklisting: Brain-sucking life-energy parasite with a sick sense of humor

This entity, in any of his four known disguises, is highly unlikely to actually purchase a ticket. He'll probably be encountered attempting to stow away aboard one of our transports, en route to more populated areas of space. If you notice him aboard a TGUT vessel, do not approach him. Have the purser call Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan (if available) immediately and run like hezmana. Oh, and remain calm. And perky. Maldis is allergic to perk.

Reason for Blacklisting: Total lack of ethics, emotional game-playing, murderous impulses, really irritating voice

While initial reports indicate that this Scorvian-Ilanic double agent perished in a massive singularity implosion, TGUT is unwilling to take any chances. In the interests of crew harmony (and the good moods of your Kind and Long-Suffering Tour Guides), Matala is barred from all ships with males of any species aboard. Females of any species are welcome to deal with her as they see fit, although TGUT does request that collateral property damage be kept to a minimum.

Reason for Blacklisting: Illegal and unethical genetic experimentation and patronizing attitude

Last seen in the form of a small squeaky lab animal, NamTar is responsible for the physical and mental suffering of hundreds (if not thousands) of individuals. Our tours are not about suffering (except for our fees) and we don't want our patrons to be patronized by other customers. That's our job. If this individual tries to buy a ticket, hit the Emergency Evil Customer Button (TM) under the front desk, and 500,000 volts of electricity will deal with the problem. NOTE: If an experimental laboratory creature tries to buy a ticket, tell them that TGUT only allows lab animals to travel in properly locked cargo containers. Then supply it with one. Immediately.

Reason for Blacklisting: Kidnapping, torture, non-consensual optic surgery, utter skankiness

The fashion sense is faaaabulous, and a Shadow Repository is never a bad thing as far as TGUT is concerned, but her taste in playmates and hors d'oevres is to gag. Keep your eyes on her every minute (but not too near her), do not deposit any funds with her, and stay out of arms', tentacles', and teeth's reach. NOTE: Scorpy has a little bounty out for this chick ... so if you feel like collecting on it, we won't tell (for the usual cut).

Reason for Blacklisting: Megalomaniacal tendancies, overly severe case of maternal pride, evangalism without a license

It's not a sin to have ambitions for your kid, but when you start egging them on to murder, it's time to cut the apron strings. Divested of her status as high priestess, Neera has got to be looking for a new line of work, and we don't want her setting up church on our station (we believe in freedom of religion, but nothing with this chick comes free). If she shows up (with or without gospel choir and/or armed thugs in tow), please alert Dominar Rygel immediately. His ancestor created the mess, he can clean it up.

Reason for Blacklisting: Major, major ego problem, various counts of mind-violation and patricide

We can't make money if the customers can't tell what's real (and should be paid for) and what's not (and can thus be enjoyed free of charge), so this woman could really cut into our profit margin. Plus, she's one of those people who can only enjoy herself when other people aren't. The only thing we like about her is her sparkly pretty wardrobe. Call Commander Crichton and Pa'u Zhaan and let them deal with her the second she walks through the door. (But get the name of the store where she shops before she leaves, if you can.)

Reason for Blacklisting: Inciting internal revolution and homicide, hijacking, misrepresentation of technology, playing games with other peoples' heads

Obviously, anyone who uses underhanded methods like mind control and making crewmates turn against one another is not going to be big on TGUT's list of People We Like. In fact, this guy (and the thousands of cronies he claims) hit rock bottom. Nobody gets to play games with our customers' heads but us, and no one gets to play with our toy... um, ships but us, either. Don't let the blind thing fool you; if T'Raltixx or anyone who looks like him tries to come aboard, application of a Qualta Blade where it counts is the approved method of ejection.

Wilson and Cobb
Reason for Blacklisting: Autopsying without a license (or waiting for death); over-active paranoia; inability to play well with others

While we don't expect these two visitors from Earth to show up any time soon, be aware that they are barred from transport on TGUT vessals until they learn to accept the specialness of others in their galaxy. If either of them show up, alert Commander Crichton and Officer Sun immediately (tell Crichton before Aeryn, she's inclined to shoot these two on sight).

Vidcaps taken from The Farscape Webring, The Farscape Zone and Farscape Fantasy.