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Rules of the Road | Special Handling/Waivers | TGUT Blacklist

While TGUT does not discriminate among race, color, creed or species, in the interest of maintaining a pleasant, safe and profitable tour environment, the following rules shall be enforced for all members of the following species wishing to travel aboard a TGUT vessel. Anyone not abiding by these regulations will be Really, Really Sorry.

Personal Travel | Business Travel

Salesmen and Other Beings of Business

Cresus (and Other Fortune Tellers/Soothsayers/Seers/Etc.)
"A fake psychic can be tolerated, but an authentic soothsayer should be shot on sight." (R. Heinlein) TGUT approves of making money, but fortune telling scams are guaranteed to generate more grief for the customers (and us) than it's worth. Anyone running a scam of this nature aboard a TGUT vessel will be severely damaged (or will have to fork over a hefty chunk of the proceeds. But talk to us before you start anything or we'll introduce you to the airlock.). Note: Anyone who really can see the future and doesn't have enough sense to keep his/her/its mouth shut will be ejected from TGUT with extreme prejudice.

Fe'Tor (and Other Purveyors of Mind-Altering Substances)
Aa we have stated many times in the part, TGUT has a firm corporate policy of being the only ones allowed to mess withour customers heads, or to profit from said. If you've got a really great product, talk to Dominar Rygel and we'll see about stocking it in the bar (for a reasonable commission). We do, however, require full disclosure as to how the product is made and what it does -- fudging the details, or attempting to freelance (particularly in an annoying imitation of a game-show host), will get your own product fed to you. In massive doses.

This diminutive con artist... ah, entrepreneur is welcomed aboard TGUT. However, all personnel are instructed to monitor her activities at all times, make sure she doesn't steal anything, and spike her food with Ritalin as often as possible.

The Proprietor (and Company)
Members of this entrepreneurial and highly-useful race are welcome to travel aboard TGUT vessels. However, all of our ships will be understood to be a strict 'No Solicitation' area. If you want to sell stuff when you get where you're going, fine; we'll even ship your cargo (for reasonable rates). But TGUT personnel are the only beings allowed to fleece our customers while they are on our property. No poaching!

Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries

Charrids, like other mercenaries and swords for hire, are welcome aboard TGUT vessels when travelling to and from assignments, but we've got three words for you, guys -- No Weapons Allowed. You will surrender anything we choose to consider to be an implement of destruction to Ka D'Argo, Officer Sun and/or Captain Crais upon boarding, to be returned when you reach your destination. All Charrids will also be required to post a triple bond with the TGUT main offices, and will be forfeited if you get into a fight. We don't care who started it!

TGUT has extreme sympathy for any races being forced, in any way, shape or form, to work for the Peacekeepers. We might even, given enough incentive (or a serious enough dislike of your handler), arrange for you to "disappear" during the course of your journey. However, if you do not choose to avail yourself of that offer, the same weapons and behavior rules apply to you as the other mercs. Play nice, boys.

Vorcarion Blood-Trackers (and Other Bounty Hunters)
While TGUT admits that everyone has to make a living, no bounty hunters shall be allowed to do so off of TGUT passengers. Due to the proper use of diplomacy (and lots and lots of bribery), the TGUT offices and ships have been declared non-extradition zones, and any attempt to remove our guests against their wishes will be treated as kidnapping, regardless of warrants or offered rewards. After your targets leave the ships/station, anything goes. (NOTE: In cases of especially dangerous criminals (and really high rewards), TGUT may make exceptions to this policy. We understand the urge to collect a fee, but if you won't give us a cut --- talk to the hand, man. )

Vidcaps taken from The Farscape Webring, The Farscape Zone and Farscape Fantasy.