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Alix Aadler

All Ye Who Enter
A quiet evening at home -- yeah, that always works out.

Come to My Window
Some relationships are unconventional -- and some go a step beyond.

Hell Hath No Fury
If the road to perdition is paved with good intentions, then what about the road out?

In Ev'ry Angle Greet
Someone has woven a tangled web indeed, and now the threads are unraveling.

Morning's Echo
And now we know the rest of the story...

Point of Focus
Anya makes another try at retrieving her amulet, again with unexpected results.

Shadow and Substance
In beautiful Sunnydale, death isn't always the end. Sometimes, it just starts a whole new program.

Solitaire Till Dawn
What do you do when you're trapped in a nightmare beyond your imagining?

To the Naked Eye
Everyone has secrets -- but sometimes even those keeping them don't know what they are. (Sequel to Shadow and Substance)

Twilight's Last Gleaming
Almost twenty years before the Slayer's arrival, two Sunnydale residents fight their own battle against the darkness.

Voices in the Dark
Multiple-viewpoint introspection, with a surprise or two.

Abby Albrecht

Do Vampires Dream of Electric Goldfish
How Spike really got his name.

Buffy tries to cope with losing Angel.

Beth Arritt

Field Trip
The Slayerettes look for bad guys outside of the high school -- bet they'd rather be in class.


As the Hellmouth Turns
A glimpse at third season possibilities (if Joss has totally lost his mind, as we all suspect.)

If You Could See Me Now
Jenny tells how it really happened.

The List Mom Lays Down the Law
Or "Why we go for months between fanfic page updates"

One Last Secret
There's one last thing Giles isn't telling Buffy.

The Orange Files -- by Dianne T. DeSha
Jennie hates orange. Jennie loves 'Touched by an Angel'. The solution seemed obvious -- gather all her buds (and some total strangers!) at MediaWest and inundate her. I mean, what are friends for?

Semper Vigiles
Or "Why Giles was in such a damned pissy mood at the start of 'Reptile Boy'"

This Is Lizbet's Fault...
An alternate ending to 'Becoming II'.

A Truth Worse Than Lies
"Some lies are necessary. Sometimes the truth is worse." When Edith is told by a dark stranger at her window that her destiny is to be the Slayer, she has no idea that the stranger himself is one of the ones she must fight, and that she will lose everything in the struggle, her family, her friends, her sanity... and her soul.


Angel's thoughts as he waits to return.


Afterlife Blues
Giles gets a visit from beyond the grave.

Ms. Calendar's thoughts, right after 'The Dark Age'

The 'comfort' part of the hurt/comfort from 'The Dark Age'

Buffy's journal over the summer away from Sunnydale.

Black Cats Bring Good Luck, Or At Least Technopagans In Love
Jenny helps Giles get into the Samhain spirit.

Buffy Meets Last Knight
A Forever Knight crossover... sort of.

Cookies and Vampires
Short and silly, as Giles gets an unexpected present from the Slayerettes.

Double Date
Giles and Jenny Calendar's second date meets with unexpected vampiric complications.

Dying Wish
Even in death, Jenny tries to finish what she started.

The Evil Overlord's Guide to Sunnydale
Everything you needed to know to carry out a diabolical plan on the Hellmouth.

Hellmouth Blues
Fences are mended as Giles tends to an injured Jenny.

The Hellmouth's Greatest Threat
Giles thought Angelus was scary, but wait until he meets.... Her!

The Hellmouth's Greatest Threat II: Mary Sue Strikes Back
To quote havocthecat, "Um... badfic?" as Jenny Calender comes up on the short end against her rival for Giles.

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous...and Painful...Thing
A missing scene from 'Becoming II'. Give you a hint -- rated PG-13 for violence.

Mental Wanderings
Jenny Calendar's Gypsy past catches up to her.

Nightmare Sieges
Someone's having a bad night... or are they?

Not Quite Amy's Story
Amy's father writes a letter to his missing daughter.

One Night on #GASP -- by havoctheca, Elaine McMillian and Meercat
Okay. Now this is scary. But, considering the diseased minds that perpetrated it, are you surprised?

One Slayer Dies....
Giles prepares for the calling of another Slayer. Rated PG-13 for grimness.

Could be considered a Highlander crossover, if you live in havocthecat's skewed, twisted little world...

Pearls of Wisdom
Giles finds out a bit of Jenny's past. No, not that part! *g*

Pinky and the Dru
We really must find out what havocthecat's on these days -- and why she's not sharing. A crossover with Pinky & the Brain.

Please Do Not Feed Or Tease The Newbies
More random entertainment from havocthecat, welcoming the new SunS. She has too many thoughts.

Amy's got a few questions for the Slayerettes.

Solstice Blues
Giles and Jenny share a holiday celebration.

A Vampire's Toybox
Boy meets girl can have a really scary ending when it's Angel and Drusilla.

Watcher Boo
Short and silly Animaniacs crossover

Two outsiders find some unexpected common ground.

Welcome to Hell, Angelus
She calls it BadFic -- what really happened after Angel/Angelus got sent through the vortex.

Christina K

Chinese Butterfly
Reflecting on reflections in the wake of Normal Again.

Crumbling Fate
Poem -- Buffy reflects on life after death.

The Evil Overlord's Guide to Sunnydale
Everything you needed to know to carry out a diabolical plan on the Hellmouth.

Five Ways the World Won't End (And One Way It Could)
Six realities from different angles. Happy endings are in the eye of the beholder.

Ides of March
Xander talks to an old friend....

Lines of Communication
In which secrets are revealed, Clark and Dawn explain, and $362.57 of long distance charges are almost blamed on the Legion of Dorkness. (Sequel to Runaway Trains at 3 A.M.)

Maybe Later
Giles and Jenny try to reach an understanding.

Myths and Shadow Plays
"He wishes he were only haunted." Post-Help Spike POV.

New World
Eventually, life has to go on.

Never Again
A long-ago Slayer leads the Watcher's Council to a very important decision.

The Power, the Glory, and the Ever After
Ben finds himself with a decision to make, in a very unexpected place.

Rift Repairs
After the events of 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered', Xander tries to mend fences with the women in his life.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern in Mazatlan
Jonathan thinks about the two guys that no one ever thinks about again.

Runaway Trains at 3 A.M.
Pop Quiz Question of the Day: If a supernatural teenager from Sunnydale, California heads east at 70 mph, while a super-powered teenager from Smallville, Kansas is heading west at 65 mph, at what time will they meet up in a Greyhound bus station in Denver?

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled
Some people just don't accept death that easily....

Threnody for Fallen Warriors
In the aftermath of Graduation II, Buffy pays some calls on old friends.

Valerie Meachum Kessler

Spring Break, Slayer Style
Buffy and Willow are looking forward to the Summers Family Reunion in Toronto, but when your mom's Cousin Natalie is involved with a vampire (who also happens to be a homicide cop), and another vampire is after your best friend, what's a Slayer to do? A Forever Knight crossover; companion to Spring Break, Sidekick Style.

Celli Lane

Bad Feelings and Love Handles
An accidentally-injured Buffy is on the sidelines, and a guilty Willow tries to make amends.

Barbecue Forks and Other Conversations
Eavesdropping on two Slayerettes on a Mission.

One man's dreams are another's nightmares....

Adult concern over the 'death' of Ted lands Buffy in group therapy. But the treatment may be more traumatic than the problem.

How Angel got his soul.

Mourning Light
Angel/Buffy angst.

My Guardian Dear
Buffy gets sick and Angel pays back the nursing favor.

Penance, Forgiveness and Tears
On a dark rooftop, Angel and Willow face their fears together.

Some memories never let go, especially Angel's.

Worse Than Railroad Spikes
Spike is prepared to go to extremes to cheer Dawn up.


Artificial Intelligence
The post-Gift fic that posits the question: is it possible to get angstfic from an emotionless narrator? (Answer seems to be "yes".)

Bide the Danger
Tara deals with the changes in her lover.

For the Future's Sake
Young Giles learns about about his destiny -- the hard way.

Full of Grace
Angel's soul has been returned, but Angel is saying goodbye.

Hard Choices
In the aftermath of 'The Dark Age', Jenny Calendar tries to reconcile her obligation to her clan with her involvement with the Slayerettes.

Hold On
More Buffy/Angel angst, based on the Sarah McLachlan song.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Even in Sunnydale, people notice when it snows on Christmas Eve.

In another universe, the Slayer never came to Sunnydale. And lives changed...

Three of Spades
A cardsharp in late-1700's London gets a lot more than he bargained for from his latest 'victim'.

'Twas the Night Before Buffy
The end is near for Buffy Withdrawl Syndrome... and not a second too soon!

What I Did On My Summer Vacation
The Master is dead, peace has settled on Sunnydale. And each of the Slayerettes has summer plans... as well as a few unplanned events....

The Lurkers, Rastro and Maddog

Demon Possessed, Big Tittied Devil Ho Cheerleaders Terrorize Small California Town
Reporters for Weekly News of the Warped descend on Sunnydale; they'll find a story or die trying.

Gravity Kills
Buffy isn't happy with her Christmas presents, even if it is For Her Own Good.

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