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All That's Left You
After Buffy's death, Anya tries to deal with Xander's pain, and everyone else's.

Baby Steps
The darkest journey begins with tiny steps.

Blueberry Syrup is a Crime Against Nature and, by the way, Thanks for Saving the World
Male bonding in the aftermath of another averted apocalypse.

A Day Off in the Life of Xander Harris
Xander takes a day to do some thinking. And get in some trouble. PG-13 (mostly language).

Jean Grey is Dead on the Moon and I'm Not the Man I Used to Be
Giles and Xander, a hospital, and trying not to look ahead. (Season 7)

Lust for Life
Taking care of a little girl isn't a new thing for Xander.

No Cheerful Goodbyes
Giles prepares to leave Sunnydale for the second time.

Elaine McMillian

Synopses mostly by Elaine

Angel's Revenge: A Musical Fantasy
My solution to the Angel/Angelus mess. With music. Run now, while you still can. It's silly, sappy, and self-indulgent.

A Christmas Carol
All together, now-- "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer / Had a pointy wooden stake...."

Willow runs into one of Sunnydale's less stable residents.

The sequel to "Cuppa". Giles' chivalry lands him in trouble. Poor dear.

Never Too Late
Another look at how 'Passion' should have ended.

The Musical Comedy Version (Extended Dance Mix)
The Slayerettes find songs in their hearts -- and share them with the world -- in a hilarious filk-o-rama. Written almost 4 years before OMWF.Lyrics list

Something Goofy This Way Comes
Incredibly childish humour. I make no apologies. You guys wouldn't believe me if I did, anyway.

Three Men and a Situation
More childish humour. What a surprise. This involves three naked guys, a trashed Jaguar, and an only moderately amused Slayer.

The Wizard of Dale
Oh, dear. You'll see, soon enough, god help you all. [Ed. She's right; laughing to death is a real possiblity. Make sure oxygen is readily available.]

Heather Melville

Tara tries to remember what she's forgetting.

Mary Beth Nielsen

Angel returns to Sunnydale. Depressing alternafic; have tissues handy.

As I Wander
Alone and scared, Buffy makes her way through Sunnydale during 'What's My Line', looking for somewhere safe.

The Dance
A night at the Bronze could turn deadly when Angelus pays a visit.

A Day of Remembrance
The first anniversary of a death.

Ice Cream
Angel and Buffy, short and sweet.

A missing scene from Graduation 2.

Angel looks at the changes Buffy has caused in his life.

Scenes From a Double Date
Xander and Cordy on the town with Willow and Oz. Possibly dangerous, but certainly entertaining.

To Sleep Perchance To Dream
In the aftermath of 'Innocence', Buffy finds some unexpected comfort.

Leslie R.

Out of Fire
An epilogue to 'What's My Line'.

A Patch of Light
It's Buffy's birthday, but the present she has in mind isn't just for her....

Perri Smith

Ill Met By Moonlight
When a blast from Angel's past appears, they are forced to work together to contain an evil attacking Sunnydale -- if they don't kill each other first.

Independence Day
Random acts of angst and senseless (non-canon) cuteness, as Buffy declares a Fourth of July holiday for herself.

"She learned to research by trying to find herself."

Living Lies
Buffy contemplates her 'little sister'. Spoilers for 'No Place Like Home'.

Maternal Instincts
Joyce contemplates her upcoming CAT scan. Spoilers for 'Fool for Love'.

A look inside Jenny Calender's head, just before her first date with Giles.

Spring Break, Sidekick Style
With Buffy and Willow both away, Xander is the only hero-type left on the Hellmouth. So when the supernatural threaten to take over Mrs. Summer's gallery, Xander finds himself with only one ally to turn to -- Angel. Companion to Spring Break, Slayer Style.

Toy Soldiers
During "Consequences", Wesley reads Giles' diaries, and does some thinking.

What Dreams May Come
After the events of 'Innocence', Willow is haunted by nightmares.

Dawn Steele

Dawn's XOver From Hell
A more-than-a-little surreal vision of how Buffy spent her summer after 'Becoming'.

The Layers Inside
Angel/Angelus in the middle of 'Innocence'

Let Me Count the Ways
Angelus, how do we kill thee...?

Odds and Ends
Cleaning up the aftermath of Revelations.

One Too Many
Long before Buffy and Faith, there was another pair of Slayers, plus one. And they paid for it.

Second Thoughts
Not long enough to be a fic -- more like random ticklings, right after 'Gingerbread'.

Staff Room Gossip and Machinations
The Sunnydale High faculty copes with the events of 'Becoming'.

Summer Jobs Around the Hellmouth (or "It Could Always Be Worse")
Short and silly ruminations from Buffy.

Betsy Vera

Faculty Meeting
Giles is forced to do teacher stuff.

Alice the Vampire Slayer
A crack on the head gives Giles a glimpse at a life with a very different Slayer.

Maureen Wynn

Happily Ever After
A fairy tale follow-up to Little Helpers.

Little Helpers
Meet Giles' new library assistant.

The Long Dark Night of the Soul
One night from Giles's past.

No Greater Love
Guardian Angel....

Nothing To Be Ashamed Of
So you felt bad about Jenny's death? Imagine how she took it!

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