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Anyone caught reading or contributing to these outside reports of Jarod's actions without alerting Miss Parker to the information contained therein will be liable for dismissal and other grisly fates. So don't tell her this exists.

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Stepping StoneMary Abel Ruminations on Nia and an encounter with Miss Parker. 11kRated PG-13 by author
CloseBrittany A new ally may not be enough to save Jarod from The Centre.64k*%*%*%
Kyle's Second ChanceCindy Colwell Kyle gets unexpected help after he convinces Jarod to leave him behind in 'The Dragon House'. 11kCrossover:
'Touched by an Angel'
Pride GoethAmy Denton Miss Parker catches up to Jarod, but she's going to regret it!12k*%*%*%
Immortal QuestDragonheart Methos, Duncan MacLeod and Jarod are shanghaied into helping a goddess steal a young Immortal from the depths of The Centre... only the child is not what any of them expect.164kRated PG-13. Crossover: 'Highlander'. Recommended
TruthseerMary Kay Hanson Injured, and cornered by Miss Parker and Sydney, Jarod finds an unexpected group of guardian angels.90kRecommended
ChancesNirvana Kliese Trapped together overnight, Jarod and Miss Parker reach a new... understanding. 7k*%*%*%
Changing TidesNirvana Kliese How Miss Parker and Jarod's childhood friendship ended.19k*%*%*%
A Child by Any Other NameNirvana Kliese The Centre targets children under Jarod's protection64k*%*%*%
A Few Reasons Why...Nirvana Kliese Once again, Miss Parker catches up to Jarod -- but what does she really want from him?8kRated PG-13
FreedomNirvana Kliese A what-if story, in which Jarod and Miss Parker escape from the Centre together as children, with unexpected help from Jacob. 37k.*%*%*%
Lois & Clark Meet The Pretender Nirvana Kliese With ace reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent, Jarod tries to clear a police officer accused of kidnapping.22kCrossover:
Lois & Clark: TNAOS
One More ReasonNirvana Kliese A sequel to 'A Few Reasons Why...'. Now available again6kRated PG-13
Reasons for EverythingNirvana Kliese Third in the 'Reasons' series.8k*%*%*%
Reasons to TouchNirvana Kliese Fourth in the 'Reasons' series.20k*%*%*%
RefugeNirvana Kliese A poem.1k*%*%*
SL 127 Nirvana Kliese A Pretender spoof 8k*%*%*%
The Things We Hide Nirvana Kliese No longer canon, but another interesting 'what if' about Sydney. 12k*%*%*%
UnderstandingNirvana Kliese Nirvana's theory of who helped Jarod escape from the Centre, and why.12k*%*%*%
What Have I Done?Nirvana Kliese An alternate ending to 'To Serve and Protect', in which Miss Parker shoots at Jarod, and doesn't miss.39k*%*%*%
Yellow RoseNirvana Kliese SL-27 yields more discoveries, one very personal to Miss Parker. But she'll need help to follow this new clue to her mother.52k Recommended
You Can Run But You Can't Hide Nirvana Kliese Fifth in the 'Reasons' series.28k*%*%*%
Fear's Only EnemyMelody LaneMalorie is kidnapped by the Fortress, causing Miss Parker to enlist the help of Jarod.60kFifth in the Twin Peaks series
LessonsMelody Lane Jarod investigates the murder of a teacher.20k*%*%*%
MemoriesMelody LaneWhat would happen if Miss Parker lost her memory?64kFourth in the Twin Peaks series
NightmaresMelody LaneMiss Parker finds herself rescuing two children from The Centre. 36kSecond in the Twin Peaks series
RivalsMelody LaneMiss Parker is kidnapped by a another secret organization.44kThird in the Twin Peaks series
Twin PeaksMelody LaneWhile investigating a cave-in , Jarod meets someone identical to Miss Parker.48kFirst in a series
Flashes of TruthLeah With Mr. Parker's return, Miss Parker gets The Guessitmator, a new "helper" in her Hunt for Jarod. And Jarod prods Miss Parker to keep up her end of "The Deal".44kSequel to the "Search for Truth."
The InsiderLeah A mysterious operative assists Miss Parker in her hunt for Jarod40k*%*%*%
Once Upon a PretenderLeah The Pretender becomes a fairy tale....8kRecommended
The Search for TruthLeah A phone call from Jarod causes Miss Parker to alter her search8k
A Handshake DealMaria Miss Parker and Jarod make a deal, but Miss Parker is reluctant to live up to her end.33kRecommended
The Pretender ProjectAshley Michel An origin of The Centre and Pretenders.45k*%*%*%
OutfoxedJill Morrison Jarod Pretends to be a music teacher to find the truth behind a young singer's accident.33kFirst in the FoxHunt series
Turnabout is Fair PlayErin Piateski Miss Parker catches Jarod, but misses the DSAs, which wind up in the hands of FBI Agents Mulder and Scully.56kRated PG by author
Crossover: 'The X-Files'
The Mother of All Season Finales and ReduxRoberta Both versions of Roberta's Season Finale crossover; not strictly fanfic, but too twisted not to archive somewhere! 2k each*%*%*%
Catching JarodSarah Rodgers With Jarod finally back in custody, Miss Parker finds herself with some hard decisions to make.9kRecommended
I Decide...Lynn M. Schumann A parody of the first season finale. 12k*%*%*%
Long Way HomePerri Smith A midnight ride gives two strangers something to think about.35kRated PG by author
BloodSwikstr Miss Parker must deal with the disappearance of her father as well as the arrival of two powerful new players at the Centre. When Jarod is captured, she has some difficult decisions to make.32kRated PG. Recommended
Dark Side of the MoonSwikstr After outwitting Lyle and the Centre, Miss Parker finally confronts her missing father with Jarod's help. But things are not always what they seem.80kLast in the Ghost of a Chance series. Rated PG. Recommended
Gray AreasSwikstr Miss Parker's search for her missing father experiences a major setback. Meanwhile, Jarod makes a critical error in judgment that could have far-reaching consequences for him. Will Miss Parker see him though it? The answer may surprise you.68kPG-13 version. Fourth in the Ghost of a Chance series. Recommended
High Heels, Hockey Pucks and PretendersSwikstr Jarod takes on net-minding duties in Chicago as he pursues justice for a critically injured hockey player and his family. Along the way, he discovers the camaraderie of a close friendship, rock and roll, and the idiosyncrasies of professional hockey. When Miss Parker shows up with a proposition for him, it leads to some interesting results.48kRated PG-13 by author. Third in the Ghost of a Chance series. Recommended
The Fire WithinSwikstr Sydney receives some unexpected news that leads to some new pathways in his character and his relationship with Jarod.68kA supplement to "Dark Side of the Moon". Rated PG-13. Recommended
Queen of the NightSwikstr While accompanying Miss Parker in Chicago, Sydney makes contact with an old acquaintance from the early days of the Pretender Project. Unexpectedly, the meeting brings him to a greater understanding of his motivations and ultimately, himself.56kRated PG-13 by author. Interlude to the Ghost of a Chance series. Recommended
The Tie That BindsSwikstr Miss Parker continues to investigate the mysteries surrounding the death of her mother. The situation is further complicated by the arrival of Jarod, who is on a mission of his own. But what does he really want from her?28kRated PG-13 by author. Second in the Ghost of a Chance series. Recommended
Peter and the WolfdiechtineThe death of a young friend leads to Jarod's recapture by the Centre. 36k.*&*&*&
Hit MeVikki Wiercinski Dr. Suess does The Pretender.2k*%*%*%
Not Another OneK. Michael WilcoxA short crossover drabble2k*%*%*%


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"I'm a Pretender"Sandi "Sydneyphyle"
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