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Just to prove there are some advantages to getting the episodes from sources outside the U.S.,
here are the transcripts of the scenes which were cut from the episodes aired on the SciFi Channel.
All scenes are copyright to the Farscape writers and producers cited for that episode.

Special thanks to Dawn Steele, our Canadian TGUT Flunky, for transcribing most of the missing
scenes from these episodes. Canadian/UK spellings left in place on the basis that the actors
are pronouncing them that way anyway.

Season 1
1.1 Premiere

1.2 Exodus from Genesis

1.3 Back, and Back and Back to the Future

1.4 Throne for a Loss

1.6 Thank God It's Friday Again

1.7 I, E.T.

1.8 That Old Black Magic

1.9 DNA Mad Scientist

1.10 They've Got a Secret

1.11 'Til the Blood Runs Clear

1.12 The Flax

1.13 Rhapsody in Blue

1.14 Jeremiah Crichton

1.15 Durka Returns

1.16 A Human Reaction

1.17 Through the Looking Glass